Cloud Computing for Education in Canada

Powering virtual and in-person teaching, learning, research, and innovation

Whether you’re just starting your cloud journey or delivering a multi-year cloud strategy, Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help you enhance teaching and learning, research and innovation, and IT operations. For the higher education sector, K-12 schools, and the edtech community, AWS offers more than 200 compute, storage, database, analytics, and application deployment services. These solutions can help you virtualize your computer lab to support online learning, or launch personal cloud desktops to support remote instruction. They can also drive complex analytics and computing initiatives for research institutions and edtech leaders. Across Canada, decision-makers trust AWS to power their remote, in-person, and hybrid education communities. Discover how you can accelerate your cloud transformation today.

AWS for Education

What's new

Enabling the future of education in the cloud: On-demand webinar

Learn how two higher education institutions moved to the AWS cloud and achieved better security, business continuity, cost savings, and hybrid teaching and learning. 

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The Contact Centre Evolution in Higher Education

Legacy contact centre solutions are expensive and difficult to scale. AWS' contact centre solutions are different: They're low cost and quick to launch, helping you improve the student experience, streamline operations, and support fundraising campaigns.

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Leveraging AI to fight COVID-19: the UBC Cloud Innovation Centre, powered by AWS

Discover how UBC uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and open data to diagnose COVID-19 as part of the AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative.

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How Prodigy uses AWS to gamify math education

Prodigy Game (Prodigy) has a mission to help every child in the world love learning and make education freely available to students globally. Prodigy’s math game—geared toward learners in the first to eighth grade—allows students to hone their math skills with questions delivered according to their individual needs.

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Explore education segments

Higher Education

Higher education

From data center migration to student data and analytics, AWS has agile and flexible solutions.

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K12 & Primary Schools

K12 and primary schools

Streamline district IT operations, save money, and keep student information safe in the AWS Cloud.

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EdTech Companies

EdTech companies

Innovate and build the next generation of online learning, analytics, and campus management solutions.

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Getting started

Launch your first workload by choosing one of four pathways

Get started with AWS faster by choosing one of four pathways. Each pathway includes a webinar and dedicated content pack to get you started.

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NEW: In Ontario? Learn how to buy AWS Services Quickly and Easily

OECM is a trusted, not-for-profit collaborative sourcing partner for Ontario’s education sector. Discover how you can save time and costs by buying AWS services through OECM.

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Amazon WorkSpaces is a cloud-based, virtual desktop infrastructure solution that helps higher-education institutions and K12 school districts give students and instructors consistent access to teaching and learning software on their own devices.

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Campus on a cloud

Leverage AWS to help facilitate teaching and learning, launch student data analysis, and manage IT operations. Discover compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services that lower costs, offer scale, respond quickly in emergencies, and meet the evolving needs of the modern student.

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Support student success

Instructors, schools districts, universities, and EdTechs have a key shared goal: to develop successful students. The AWS Cloud helps education providers personalize student learning experiences, access applications at any time, and improve learning outcomes.

Security and compliance

The AWS Cloud is built to help even the most security-sensitive institutions meet student data privacy and security requirements.

Agility and scalability

AWS enables education institutions to create a customized infrastructure that is more efficient and flexible. Quickly scale up during peak usage times, including enrollment, back-to-school season, and graduation. Scale down over breaks when your server needs are low.

Cost savings

Reduce costs with the AWS pay-as-you-go model. The ability to scale up and down as traffic changes makes it possible for districts, institutions, EdTechs, and digital learning companies to ramp up their capacity on a temporary basis at a fraction of the cost.

AWS programs for education

AWS Educate

AWS Educate is Amazon’s global initiative to provide students and educators with the resources needed to accelerate cloud-related learning. With the increasing demand for cloud employees, AWS Educate provides an academic gateway for the next generation of IT and cloud professionals.


AWS Academy

AWS Academy helps prepare university students for industry-recognized certifications and high-demand cloud jobs through in-class instruction, hands-on labs, online knowledge assessments, and project work.


Case studies

More than 9,000 education providers use the AWS Cloud to lower IT costs and deliver better teaching, learning, and innovation. 

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