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When choosing to take advantage of the cloud, it is important to consider creating a cloud-first policy for your organization, which requires the consideration of cloud before taking an on-premises approach. To streamline your project, AWS offers a world-class team equipped with the right tools to help you get more from your cloud journey.


A cloud-first strategy sends an important message to agencies that cloud is indeed the new normal. It sets the stage to maximize the benefits from the cloud, freeing up more resources to devote to the core goals.

Cloud First was a mandate issued to all federal agencies by the chief information officer of the United States in December 2010. Many public sector organizations have recognized the many benefits of implementing a cloud-first strategy including University of Notre Dame, Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago, Municipal Property Assessment Corporation, and City of McKinney.

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AWS has a world-class professional services team that can help you get more from your cloud deployment. It's easy to build solutions using our toolsets or if you need help building complex solutions or migrating from an on-premises environment, we're there.

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