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Flemish Works and Traffic Agency on AWS
Flemish Works and Traffic Agency Uses AWS to Maintain Belgian Roads

Using AWS, Agentschap Wegen & Verkeer (AWV) can comply with the latest data protection regulations and accelerate development to deliver a more reliable digital experience to inspectors on the road. The government agency is responsible for maintaining road infrastructure in the Flemish part of Belgium.

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John Edwards, CIO of the CIA, shares the role of the cloud in advancing their mission. Learn More »

Kansas City, Missouri

AWS helps Kansas City be one of the smartest cities in America. Learn More »

Singapore University of Social Sciences

SUSS uses AWS to run educational mobile apps. Learn More »

Federation for Internet Alerts

FIA uses AWS and Alexa Skills to enhance public safety. Learn More »

  • Analytics

    Analyze vast datasets in real time and produce insights faster.

    University of Maryland University College

    By using AWS, UMUC improved the performance of its analytics platform twentyfold. Learn More »

    UK Data Service

    Using AWS helps the UK Data Service offer seamless, powerful search and analytics of their data lake. Learn More »

    By taking advantage of the on-demand elasticity of AWS, can develop new features more quickly. Learn More »

  • Big Data

    Collect and process colossal amounts of data quickly and cost-efficiently.


    By migrating to AWS, FINRA has created a flexible platform that can adapt to changing market dynamics while providing its analysts with the tools to interactively query multi-petabyte data sets. Learn More » 


    Using AWS Snowmobile, DigitalGlobe is able to deliver petabytes of data in weeks instead of months while saving on costs, allowing the company to deliver data to its customers in the shortest possible amount of time. Learn More »


    JustGiving, one of the largest social platforms for charitable giving, runs their big data platform on the AWS Cloud. Learn More »

  • Enterprise Solutions

    Run common and custom business applications securely and reliably.


    Ellucian uses AWS for a global, scalable, highly secure, and innovative platform to host its applications to better serve higher education customers worldwide. Learn More »

    Urban Institute

    The Urban Institute enjoys increased security, speed, and capacity with AWS. Learn More »

    University of Arizona

    The University of Arizona addressed the challenge of creating a more efficient and agile IT operation by going all-in on the cloud. Learn More »

  • Web & Mobile Apps

    Build and scale high-performance websites and mobile applications.

    European Investment Fund

    The European Investment Fund worked with AWS to show what the organization does for small and medium enterprises across Europe. Learn More »

    Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

    Migrating to AWS helped PBS reduce errors in their video streaming performance. Learn More »

    Airport Nuremberg

    Airport Nuremberg worked with an AWS Partner Network member to create an innovative platform to support the airport's website and e-commerce apps. Learn More »

  • Security

    Scale and innovate, while maintaining a secure environment.

    Healthdirect Australia

    Healthdirect Australia uses AWS to deliver services quickly across the entire country, including remote areas, while controlling costs and supporting a 300 percent growth in one year in the number of unique visitors to its websites. Learn More »

    Corte dei conti

    Working with AWS helps Corte dei conti follow best practices for data protection, network access, and other security measures. Learn More »


    CSRA uses AWS GovCloud (US) to meet compliance requirements. Learn More »

  • DevOps

    Deliver applications and services at high velocity.


    Raytheon uses services like AWS GovCloud (US) to meet compliance standards and enable developers to work at scale and speeds previously not achievable. Learn More »


    Quizizz, an AWS EdStart organization, brings exciting educational experiences to Indian classrooms. Learn More »


    Macmillan uses AWS to scale quickly and support exponential user growth. Learn More »

  • Open Data

    Make data open and available for the public to discover, access, and use.

    Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI)

    FMI uses AWS to manage spiky workloads, distribute open data, and operate with higher availability and scalability. Learn More »

    American Heart Association

    By using the AWS Cloud, AHA harnesses the power of data to revolutionize the way cardiovascular research is performed. Learn More »

    City of Chicago

    Leveraging AWS infrastructure, the City of Chicago was able to launch a real-time, open source situational awareness program intended to improve the quality of life for citizens and improve efficiency of city operations. Learn More »

  • IoT

    Easily and securely connect devices to the cloud.

    By using AWS, the University of Wollongong’s PetaBencana platform provides communities with real-time, crowd-sourced flood information through its IoT water-level sensors. Learn More »

    The Michael J. Fox Foundation

    The Michael J. Fox Foundation uses a variety of IoT technologies to collect, process and store large streams of de-identified data from the smartphones and wearable devices of study participants. Learn More »

    People in Need Cambodia

    People in Need Cambodia used AWS to develop a solar-powered, GSM-enabled, sonar-based stream gauge, built on open-source technology. Learn More »

See how public sector customers are using AWS today

  • Career Colleges Trust Case Study

    Career Colleges Trust helps young people build business skills to increase their career readiness. With AWS, the organization is developing a program that allows these individuals to join this skills development process at any stage in their career journey. Their projects on the cloud have introduced participating students to skills and opportunities in the digital and technology industry.

  • European Investment Fund Case Study

    The European Investment Fund worked with AWS to make visible what the organization does for small and medium enterprises across Europe. Director Jose Grincho shares how using AWS products provided the necessary infrastructure for the project—a website that shows where money from the EU goes and how it can benefit taxpayers.

  • Finnish Meteorological Institute Case Study

    The Finnish Meteorological Institute, an environmental institute that provides research and safety functions for Finnish society, uses the cloud to distribute open data and operate data services with higher availability and scalability. Roope Tervo, Lead Architect at FMI, sees the need to scale their spiky request load as the biggest reason for the organization’s move to the cloud.

  • SkinVision Case Study

    Breght Boschker, CTO of SkinVision, looks forward to a new frontier in digital healthcare where technology enables early detection and awareness of health conditions. SkinVision aims to save human lives by putting technology in people’s hands for skin health self-assessment in the comfort of their own homes. The company uses the cloud to store large amounts of data securely and process them at scale. By using AWS, SkinVision is putting their technology in the hands of the masses.

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