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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Amazon DevCon – Margo Seltzer – Another View

New Amazon CTO Werner Wogels, who called himself as a “recovering academic, introducedMargo Seltzer from Sleepycat software and lauded Berkeley DB for its model ofsimplicity. “Try to do less, but better,” he told us, rather than trying to do everything, but poorly. Margo went on to describe what it means for Berkeley DB to be […]

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Amazon DevCon – Craig McClanahan

The title of the presentation is, “Struts and JavaServer Faces,” given by Craig R. McClanahan, Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems. He’s here to tell the audience everything there is to know about Struts. Craig’s current position is as an architect for the Java Studio Creator. Earlier, he was the creator of the Struts framework. […]

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Amazon DevCon – Margo Seltzer

Margo Seltzer is CTO of SleepyCat Sleepycat is a successful model of how to take OSS and make it available for both commercial and non-commercial use. Survey, who uses BDB, who knows about it, who has used it (hands all around). First half of talk is intro to BDB, is new goodies and product direction. […]

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Amazon Devcon – Greg Kiczales

I came into Gregor Kiczales talk a bit late to find that the room was standing room only. I was was standing towards the back, with barely enough room to cradle my laptop on one arm. Gregor’s a professor at the Software Practices Lab at the University of British Columbia, working on research “directed at […]

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Amazon DevCon – Michael Tiemann

Michael Tiemann Wrote the first native code C++ compiler, founded Cynus Solutions, now part of Red Hat. Talking to clients about the state and strategy of open source. At an IT technology forum last year, CEO speaker of $1B company said they would rearchitect the company around open source. IT cost and head count as […]

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Amazon DevCon – Rael Dornfest

Introduced by Werner Vogels, Amazon’s CTO. Rael is a serious blogger, he wrote Bloxsom, his own blogging software. Subject is remix: beyond rip, mix, burn. Idea is to look at a trend, see what citizen engineers are doing with their stuff — taking apart boxes, throwing out warranties, etc. Hacking cars — hope it is […]

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Amazon DevCon – Eric Neustadter

Halo 2 is the next step in Bill Gate’s goal to put Microsoft software in your living room. So far, so good. Eric Neustadter is here at Amazon to talk about the success of Halo 2 and how Halo 2 was made. By the way, Microsoft and Bungie racked up $125 million in sales […]

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Amazon DevCon – James Gosling

The title of this session’s description is, “Gosling, the Father of Java.” What a title! Imagine going to a party and introducing yourself like this: “Hi, I’m James Gosling, the father of Java.” I suppose that would work better as some parties than others, like maybe a LAN party, but I digress. (I should point […]

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Amazon DevCon – George Dyson – Another Viewpoint

George opened up his speech with this statement: “I’m interested in how thing begin…what was the first computer?” Anyone? It was at the University of Princeton, per Dyson. You got to love the cathode-ray tube era of computer technology. John Von Neumann wrote the “Theory of Self-Reproducing Automata”. Even before that, Thomas Hobbes wrote about […]

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Amazon DevCon – George Dyson

Introduced by Larry Tesler. Interested in beginnings of things, computing has a very clear beginning. Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, John von Neumann. Deserves a lot, but not all, of the credit. Picture, canisters, memory tubes. 32×32 matrix, 1024 bits, actually pixels. Dots on a CRT screen. von Neumann, theory of self-reproducing Automata. Thomas […]

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