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Author: Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Web Services Interoperability Video

MSDN is hosting a new streamable video, “Top Ten Tips for Web Services Interoperability“. In this video, Microsoft’s Simon Guest discusses a number of concrete ways to create services which will earn top marks in the “plays well with others” category. Topics covered include: Empty arrays Package names Testing for null Avoiding null dates Date […]

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WSL-Amazon – Amazon Access using REALbasic

Electic Butterfly recently released WSL-Amazon, a set of objects which simplify the process of accessing Amazon Product Data through the REALbasic programming language: This HTTPSocket subclass wraps the Amazon Web Services 3.0 API into an easy-to-use library of 72 powerful methods and 66 properties with support for their US, UK, German, and Japanese Amazon stores. […]

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Updated ECS 4 Release

We rolled out a new set of bits for ECS 4 early this morning. Here are the release notes: Features and Fixes For JP only, there are some changes to Marketplace-related operations: For SellerListingLookup using IdType=Listing, Seller Id is now a required parameter. The REST syntax for passing in Seller Id is “SellerId=“. SellerListingSearch now […]

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Updated ECS 3 Release

We rolled out a new set of bits for ECS 3 early this morning. Here are the release notes: Features and Fixes For JP only, there are some changes to Marketplace-related operations: SellerSearch and ExchangeSearch are now supported except for the ExchangeQuantityAllocated and ExchangeFeaturedCategory elements. MarketplaceSearch now requires the Seller Id to be passed in […]

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Jobs @ Amazon: Web Services Evangelist (Europe)

The Amazon Web Services Developer Relations Group is looking to hire a Web Services Evangelist based in Europe, to cover the UK, Germany, and France. Here is the official job description: Web Services Evangelist (Europe) Interested in influencing a paradigm shift? Join an energetic, dynamic team responsible for driving the development and adoption of the […]

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Accessing AWS using Scheme

Phil Windley talks about using the Scheme programming language to access AWS, with more information on the Wiki page for his CS 330 class at BYU. As Phil notes, LISP s-expressions are very similar to XML data structures, so this is a very natural combination of technologies. People like Paul Graham (author of Hackers and […]

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Remix the Real and the Virtual

Rael Dornfest talks about Amazon and A9 in his article Amazon and A9 re-remix the virtual and physical Rael has some fascinating ideas, including this one: Here’s a quick recipe for Amazon Errands: Hook A9 Yellow Pages into the Amazon Marketplace, bringing those thousands of individuals and companies selling virtually through Amazon with their myriad […]

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Russell Miles — Aspect-Oriented Programming

Today at Amazon we have Russell Miles, author of the AspectJ Cookbook. Russ is the latest speaker in our Friday Learning Series, an internal continuing education program for our developers. Russ will talk about why we should be doing Aspect-Oriented programming. Agenda: What is AOSD and why is it important? Key features of AOSD Advanced […]

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ECS for France and Canada

As reported in CNET, we have released ECS (both 3.0 and 4.0) for France (locale ‘fr’) and for Canada (locale ‘ca’). With this release we now support all 6 Amazon-branded sites! The online documentation and the PDF have been updated. We also made changes to the ECS 4.0 WSDL in order to provide a better […]

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Amazon DevCon – Guido van Rossum – Another View

Guido van Rossum, creator of the Python programming language;, started with a short Q&A session before his real talk began. Asked about the Parrot project, Guido thought that it was “a long way from being useful,” and said he didn’t “know if they’ll be able to fulfill their promise of running Python as well as […]

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