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ECS Bug Fixes

We just rolled out the latest ECS bits. This release fixes the following three problems: Image URLs broken Broken TransactionLookup for orders with child items Similarities broken for 3.0 and 4.0

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Alexa Web Information Service — Sample Style Sheets

We have created some sample XSLT style sheets for the Alexa Web Information Service (AWIS). You are free to use these as-is or to copy them and modify them as needed to suit your own needs. Use to format the XML returned from a call to the AWIS Search function. Use to format […]

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Alternatives to the ECS Remote Shopping Cart

We recently introduced some new HTML forms that you can use as alternatives to the ECS remote shopping cart. You can read about these new forms in the ECS 4.0 documentation (see ECS Cart Alternatives). If you have questions about how to use these forms, we encourage you to post your questions on the AWS […]

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Browse Node API

We are introducing a new BrowseNodeLookup operation that provides information pertaining to a Browse Node. Browse Nodes are product categories that Amazon creates to segment products based on pre-defined and/or dynamic criteria. BrowseNodeLookup has been one of the most frequently requested features by ECS users and we’re thrilled to announce the availability of this feature. […]

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Welcome to the Amazon Web Services blog. This blog is maintained by the Amazon Web Services Developer Relations Team. We plan to provide you with useful information about AWS, products built with AWS, web services development tools, interviews with successful AWS developers,case studies, and information about the web services industry. We are very interested in […]

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