Raise the Bar on Data Protection with Cloud Storage

Move to managed disaster recovery, backup, archiving, and file storage in the AWS Cloud

Data is your organization’s best strategic asset, which makes safeguarding and streamlining it a priority. Legacy data storage, sharing, and protection systems can be extremely costly or too outdated to overcome emerging IT threats.

It’s time to improve your data protection to build IT resilience with secure backups, active archiving, disaster recovery, and cloud file storage while lowering costs.

"The security that AWS has in place is far more reaching, rigorous, and thought out than any individual company or university can do themselves."

- University of Maryland Global Campus


Learn how to improve on backup, archiving, recovery, and file storage from AWS data protection practitioners. From streamlining processes to preparing for emergencies, the webinars will share strategies on protecting and optimizing your organizational data.

No. 1

Eliminate reliance on tape archives with services from AWS

How to escape the pain of physical tape management with AWS storage services.

No. 2

Best practices for selecting the right AWS file systems

A discussion on how to optimize price-performance with AWS file systems.

No. 3

Move to managed file storage for improved performance and management

How to run managed shared storage including NetApp’s popular ONTAP file system.

No. 3

Mitigate risks of ransomware with disaster recovery and backups

Learn how organizations can protect data from external risks.

Whiteboard videos

Improving Your Disaster Response and Recovery with AWS

How can AWS disaster recovery solutions help public sector entities better prepare against natural disasters such as hurricanes, volcanoes, and wildfires. The discussion covers how CloudEndure helps organizations with disaster preparedness and guard against technical or manual failures.


Extracting Value from Data Backups and Archives

A discussion on how AWS storage services can facilitate aggregation of secondary data for analytics and decision making. Many view backed up and archived data–often referred to as secondary data-- as passive data. The video highlights how organizations can use secondary data for analytics and decision making using services Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon S3 Glacier, and AWS Backup along with data lakes to run analytics.


Building Security and Resilience in a Microservices Architecture

Compliance and security of student and patient data are paramount to education and healthcare organizations. The video discussion with Infinitive covers how a decoupled application built using a microservices architecture allows layering in security upfront. The architecture secures data that is contained within a microservices component by only sharing it with other applications and microservices using the principle of least privilege.


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Benefits of Replacing Physical Tape with Cloud Storage


Beyond Storage - How to Maximize Data Stored in the Cloud


InterVision discuss disaster recovery strategies, common pitfalls


Case studies

"Test environments took four months to build, and they were updated infrequently. Now, using AWS, we deploy them in 15 minutes."

– Steve Porter
Engineering Fellow, Raytheon
AWS Partner Story: Raytheon

AWS Partner Story: Raytheon

UNPAS improves resilience and disaster recovery by migrating to AWS

UNPAS improves resilience and disaster recovery by migrating to AWS

BBC Uses Shared File Storage to Migrate Red Button Application to the AWS Cloud

BBC Uses Shared File Storage to Migrate Red Button Application to the AWS Cloud


Disaster preparedness


Business continuity depends on the efficient, uninterrupted flow of data across an organization – from operations to sales to fulfillment.


AWS leverages technology and expertise to enhance our customers' disaster response capabilities.


When data is shared on AWS, anyone can analyze it and build services on top of it using a broad range of compute and data analytics products.


CloudEndure Disaster Recovery minimizes downtime and data loss by providing fast, reliable recovery of physical, virtual, and cloud-based servers into AWS.