Skills to Jobs Tech Alliance: Spain

A national coalition of employers, educational institutions, and government agencies that addresses the skills gap and prepares learners for in-demand tech jobs.

Building tech skills together

The scarcity of cloud talent is a major concern for many businesses and often reported as a key barrier to cloud adoption. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Skills to Jobs Tech Alliance forges new paths for individuals to develop cloud expertise and enter the technology workforce.

The Tech Alliance in Spain brings together a coalition of AWS customers and partners, government bodies, workforce development organizations, and educational institutions to prepare learners for entry-level cloud careers. Working backwards from employer demand for specific cloud skills and roles, the Tech Alliance works with educational institutions and educators to provide a free, ready-to-teach cloud computing curricula—through the AWS Academy—that prepares students to pursue in-demand cloud jobs in areas such as cloud support, software development, and data analysis. AWS is investing in the future of the Spanish technology community and workforce by helping tech students expand their cloud skillsets.

The Spain alliance includes more than 400 technical vocational colleges and 70-plus universities and business schools that are currently enrolled in the AWS Academy. The growing list of Tech Alliance employers includes companies in industries such as consulting, finance, information technology, professional services, and telecom.

  • Employers
  • The explosive growth of cloud computing in Spain means that employers need an increasingly larger supply of job-ready tech talent. But employers find it challenging to recruit, hire, and retain cloud-skilled talent. By collaborating with AWS, educational institutions, and other organizations, employers can build a tech talent pipeline.

    Employers in the Spain Tech Alliance work directly with educational institutions to evaluate curricula, develop capstone projects, and provide internships or apprenticeships. Alliance employers engage with learners through mentorship programs, applied learning events such as AWS Jams and AWS DeepRacer, and job fairs to help students learn about career paths and apply for their first role in the cloud.

    Benefits for Spain Tech Alliance employers

    Address Compliance Requirements
    Collaboratively design and vet skills maps aligned to in-demand job roles
    Proven Commitment
    Shape entry-level tech talent through career coaching, mentoring, and hiring events
    Unmatched Security
    Meet demand for specific tech skills and roles through a pipeline of job-ready talent

    To join the Spain Tech Alliance, employers must be an AWS Partner or customer, have a need for early-career cloud talent (15 or more open positions per year), and be able to assign a dedicated point of contact for the initiative. AWS can also create a tailor-made solution for employers who are hiring a smaller number of learners and require customized support. 

    Spain Tech Alliance employers

  • Government
  • The Spain Tech Alliance helps governments bring academia and industry together to modernize tech programs of study. National and regional governments play an important role in the alliance by fostering partnerships between industry and educational institutions. Agreements with the regional governments of Andalucia, Aragon, and Valencia bring a combined 163 technical vocational colleges into the alliance.

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    Benefits for governments

    Address Compliance Requirements
    Help your educational institutions modernize tech programs of study to align credentials and degree programs to in-demand jobs
    Unmatched Security
    Foster closer relationships with industry to integrate their expertise into curricula
    Proven Commitment
    Provide applied learning and mentorship programs for students from your educational institutions
  • Educational Institutions
  • Ensuring that curricula aligns to in-demand tech jobs is an ongoing challenge for colleges and universities. Collaborating with industry, however, can help educational institutions inform their course offerings to make their learners job-ready. The Spain Tech Alliance brings academia and industry together to modernize tech programs of study.

    More than 450 educational institutions across Spain are AWS Academy member institutions and benefit from the activities of the Spain Tech Alliance. AWS works with educational institutions to prepare the next generation of cloud talent and respond to the needs of Spanish organizations for highly sought-after AWS Cloud skills. Through AWS Academy, AWS provides higher education institutions with a no-cost, ready-to-teach cloud computing curriculum that prepares students to pursue in-demand cloud jobs. Browse AWS Academy to see the list of educational institutions that are part of the Spain Tech Alliance. 

    Does your institution offer accredited degree, diploma, certificate, or continuing education programs? Apply to join AWS Academy.

    Benefits for Spain Tech Alliance institutions

    Address Compliance Requirements
    Modernize technical programs of study to align credentials and degree programs to in-demand jobs
    Proven Commitment
    Cultivate closer relationships with industry and integrate their expertise into curricula
    Unmatched Security
    Provide applied learning and mentorship programs to prepare students for entry-level tech roles
  • Learners
  • Gaps in technical coursework and training can create barriers for learners who are interested in pursuing cloud careers. These students benefit from a shift to skills-based learning that emphasizes the job role needs and demands of industry. The Spain Tech Alliance helps provide learners across Spain with the resources and support required for them to secure entry-level cloud positions.

    Through the alliance, learners can access hands-on guidance from industry professionals and gain experience that is applicable to in-demand tech jobs. Resources available to learners include career coaching and mentoring, experiential learning programs, and hiring through internships and apprenticeships.

    Benefits for Spain Tech Alliance learners

    Address Compliance Requirements
    Boost career readiness by gaining real-world experience
    Proven Commitment
    Receive hands-on support from industry through mentorship programs
    Unmatched Security
    Gain access to skills-based pathways for entry-level tech jobs

Other Collaborators

The Tech Alliance collaborates with a select number of foundations and AWS Authorized Training Partners to support the Alliance's objectives and activities toward boosting student employability. This commitment is materialized in initiatives and actions aimed at closing the skills gap and preparing the next generation of professionals to succeed in the technological world.


Applied learning events

Applied learning events bridge the gap between theory and practice, equipping learners with real-world skills and experience. Join AWS in embracing applied learning to unlock the full potential of IT education through these events:

AWS Jams

Solve challenges that emulate real AWS use-cases

AWS DeepRacer

Learn, practice, and apply machine learning skills in a virtual racing league

AWS GameDay

Explore gamified, hands-on activities that simulate production scenarios

Career fairs

Employers and learners have conversations about open career opportunities and future prospects. These fairs can be held virtually or in-person. 

Mentoring program

AWS mentoring programs help students achieve their goals in the cloud field by exposing them to the career advice and success stories of industry professionals. The Spain Tech Alliance also proudly maintains a Women in Cloud mentoring program. 

career fairs

How to integrate AWS content into your module

Webinar | Thursday, September 14, 2023 12:00 - 1:00 PM EST

This is a webinar for faculty to learn how to integrate AWS Academy content into their computer science advanced degree and specialized coursework.

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Event calendar

The Spain Tech Alliance is currently finalizing its list of events for the 2023-2024 academic year and will publish it shortly.

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