Continuity of Government IT on AWS

Cloud-based solution for governments to protect and maintain digital assets and services during disruptions.

Prepare for and protect against disruptions

Citizens expect public services to be as accessible and available as the banking, livestreaming, and shopping apps on their mobile devices. Public sector organizations, however, face a variety of threats that can prevent them from providing the availability and services that users need. Public sector IT leaders must prepare for potential emergencies that traditional backup systems or facilities can’t mitigate. These include weather events, natural disasters, infrastructure failures, cyberattacks, and hostile geopolitical actions.

Continuity of Government IT (CGIT) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps governments at all levels protect their digital assets and services during disruptions of any kind. Governments can use CGIT to retain the integrity of critical datasets, back up applications, and transfer services to run in the cloud, reducing the risk of compromise and enabling continuity of government services.

Continuity of Government IT on AWS


Citizens expect governments to continue operating despite floods or heat waves endangering data centers, malicious actions targeting IT infrastructure, or power grid failures. During these types of disruptive events, governments need to protect and maintain core digital assets and records, such as population and property registers, education records, and revenue and benefits systems at all times—for operational and integrity reasons.

CGIT enables governments to have secure backups in the AWS Cloud. These backups are safe from the threats that primary systems face during a crisis. With CGIT, governments plan ahead so that their services can move to the cloud at a moment’s notice, and remain and run in the cloud if needed.

Unique challenges for governments

Address Compliance Requirements

Organizational alignment

Governments are typically distributed and siloed, which makes it difficult to efficiently drive change or reach compromises on mission priorities.
Proven Commitment

Data protection and sovereignty

Citizens have high expectations for data protection. Governments use standards and regulations to match these needs, and require compliant, sovereign infrastructure to run their critical digital services.
Unmatched Security

Finding partners

Built over time and in changing conditions, government digital services contain sensitive data. Developing and maintaining their services requires partners with contextual knowledge, capabilities, and appropriate security clearances.
Culture of innovation

Operational agility

From buying backup servers to conducting large-scale disaster readiness drills, improving the speed at which government responds to severe conditions requires a fundamental shift in mindset.

With CGIT, AWS will help you tackle these challenges by guiding your organization towards an improved continuity posture through tailored engagements, proven acceleration programs, a large and vibrant partner ecosystem, and a secure and flexible cloud computing environment.

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Announcing Continuity of Government IT on AWS

Protect critical services with new Continuity of Government IT on AWS solution guide

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is announcing Continuity of Government IT on AWS (CGIT), a comprehensive cloud-based solution guide that enables governments to protect their digital assets and services during disruptions of any kind.

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Creating a strategic approach to government continuity

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