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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

S3 for Static Web Content

In and Amazon S3, Jesse Andrews describes how he moved all of his static content from his own server over to S3. Jesse set up the virtual hosting, moved over all of the content (using S3 Fox no less), and had everything up and running inside of 15 minutes. As he notes “it took […]

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EC2 Rock and Roll

There’s so much happening with Amazon EC2 that I can hardly read it all. Here’s a sampling: The Atlantis Computing blog talks about Amazin Amazon or why EC2 is the bee’s knees. Instead of investing between 30 and 40% of their seed capital on hardware, they have implemented it on top of EC2. As the […]

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TalkCrunch interview with Jeff Bezos

If you’ve got 17 minutes to spare, this TalkCrunch interview with Jeff  Bezos is worth a listen. In addition to learning more about our Web-Scale Computing initiative, you can hear Jeff’s famous laugh for yourself. There’s also a summary of the talk on TechCrunch. If that’s not enough, there’s another podcast interview over at Information […]

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ElasticLive – Hershey’s Kisses

An important part of our mission as Web Services Evangelists is to encourage our developer community to innovate. We invite them to surprise us with new and interesting ways to consume our services, to show us the Power of Innovation ! One such innovation is running Windows Server 2003 on an Amazon EC2 instance. The […]

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Caption This Picture…

This photo was taken as our team was leaving the MIT Emerging Technologies Conference last month: So far the best caption we’ve come up with internally is “Excuse me, but can you tell us where the physics building is? And how do we find the Mensa Club?” If you’ve got a better one, leave us […]

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Interesting way to use EC2, SQS, S3 together :

Backing up data to Amazon’s Secure Storage S3 has been the hot-favorite-use-case for many companies., the email hosting company, who is currently serving more than 27,000 businesses and hosting more than 350,000 paid mailboxes and growing by close to 10% per month, is now using amazon S3 for backing up encrypted email data. Smart […]

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A New ISV Business Model

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud continues to impress the people who matter most: software developers (in this instance, an ISV). Genexus is an innovative software platform that enables non-technical business people to rapidly build out applications–including an online presence. Andres Aguiar, their chief architect, sent me a note yesterday to say “We have GXPortal running in […]

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Watch The Buzz!

Just a quick reminder that we are now collecting and taggging articles related to AWS on using the user name awsbuzz. If you visit on a regular basis (or, even better, pick up the RSS feed) you will be fed with a constant stream of information about what’s going on with AWS. Can’t […]

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Avoiding a Success Disaster

For a while I have been using the term “success disaster” to characterize what can happen on the web all too easily. What’s a success disaster? You put up a piece of content somewhere and you get ready to handle a reasonable number of downloads. Being the creative person that you are, however, links to […]

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