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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Amazon Route 53 – The AWS Domain Name Service

In 1995 I registered my first domain name and put it online. Back then, registration was expensive and complex. Before you could even register a domain you had to convince at least two of your friends to host the Domain Name Service (DNS) records for it. These days, domain registration is inexpensive and simple. DNS […]

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Amazon SimpleDB BatchDelete

We just added a new BatchDeleteAttributes call to Amazon SimpleDB and you can read all about it in the SimpleDB Developer Guide. This new call will make it easier and quicker for you to delete multiple attributes or multiple items with one request. SimpleDB processes this call more efficiently than it does a series of […]

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New Features for Amazon CloudWatch

The Amazon CloudWatch team has put together a really impressive set of new features. Too many, in fact, to fit on this page. I’ve written a series of posts with all of the information. Here’s a summary, with links to each post: Basic Monitoring of Amazon EC2 instances at 5-minute intervals at no additional charge. […]

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Elastic Load Balancer Health Checks

Auto Scaling can now take advantage of the instance health information collected by the associated Elastic Load Balancer. Specifically, once a load balancer determines that an instance is unhealthy (using the health checks that were established when the load balancer was created), Auto Scaling can be instructed to terminate the unhealthy instances and to launch […]

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Amazon CloudWatch Alarms

The new CloudWatch Alarms feature allows you to watch CloudWatch metrics and to receive notifications when the metrics fall outside of the levels (high or low thresholds) that you configure. You can attach multiple Alarms to each metric and each one can have multiple actions. Here’s how they relate to each other: A CloudWatch Alarm […]

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Auto Scaling Suspend/Resume

The development team likes to call this feature the “Big Red Button.” You can use CloudWatch’s Auto Scaling feature to scale your EC2 capacity up and down according to conditions that you define. You do this by creating an AutoScaling Group and attaching a trigger to it. A trigger uses CloudWatch Alarms to reference a […]

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