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Creating an Enterprise Scheduler Using AWS Lambda and Tagging

Co-authored by Felix Candelario and Benjamin F., AWS Solutions Architects Many companies are looking to optimize their AWS usage and lower operational costs. While production environments are typically well-governed and reach optimal use through services such as Auto Scaling, sometimes development and testing need a different approach. There are a number of ways to schedule […]

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Analyzing Genomics Data at Scale using R, AWS Lambda, and Amazon API Gateway

This is a guest post by Anish Kejariwal, Director of Engineering for Station X Station X has built the GenePool web platform for real time management, visualization, and understanding of clinical and genomic data at scale. As part of the GenePool analytics engine, R is used to calculate statistics that help scientists search for patterns […]

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Content Replication Using AWS Lambda and Amazon S3

Co-authored by Felix Candelario and Benjamin F., AWS Solutions Architects Cross-region replication in Amazon S3 lets you copy from one source bucket to one destination bucket, where the destination bucket resides in a separate region from the source bucket. In order to replicate objects to multiple destination buckets or destination buckets in the same region […]

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Error Handling Patterns in Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda

Ryan Green @ryangtweets Software Development Engineer, API Gateway A common API design practice is to define an explicit contract for the types of error responses that the API can produce. This allows API consumers to implement a robust error-handling mechanism which may include user feedback or automatic retries, improving the usability and reliability of applications […]

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Airtime Relaunches with Major Overhaul using ECS

Guest post by Abby Fuller (@abbyfuller) of Airtime A major part of the recent Airtime relaunch was an architecture overhaul changing our application from monolith to microservices. This switch was intended to solve some long-standing issues (bottlenecked deployments, limited redundancy, and inconsistent testing and staging/production environments), while keeping in mind our major priorities: user experience […]

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Extracting Video Metadata using Lambda and Mediainfo

For a video asset, technical metadata includes information such as video codec, audio codec, resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, and a host of other very detailed technical information. With technical metadata, customers can make intelligent decisions about what to do next in their workflow. The asset may be transcoded to a standard “house” format, resized, […]

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Sumo Logic App for AWS Lambda Released

Today, Sumo Logic made its App for AWS Lambda generally available and introduced a purpose-built Lambda function, which is immediately available for launch in the AWS Blueprint library. Now, customers using Lambda functions can better visualize things like metering for code execution, predict compute usage, and monitor memory limits through Sumo Logic’s predictive analytics capabilities, […]

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