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Techniques and Tools for Better Serverless API Logging with Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda

Ryan Green @ryangtweets Software Development Engineer, API Gateway Developing, testing, and operating Serverless APIs using Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda can be made much easier with built-in support for Amazon CloudWatch Logs. In Lambda functions, you can use log statements to send log events to CloudWatch log streams, and API Gateway automatically submits log […]

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Migrating a Native JAVA REST API to a Serverless Architecture with the Lambada Framework for AWS

This is a guest post by Çağatay Gürtürk, the creator of the Lambada framework Serverless computing has become a hot topics since AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway started to offer an elegant way to build and deploy REST APIs without needing to maintain 24/7 running servers and infrastructure, with attractive pricing models. Being the […]

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Maintaining a Healthy Email Database with AWS Lambda, Amazon SNS, and Amazon DynamoDB

Reputation in the email world is critical to achieve reasonable deliverability rates (the percentage of emails that arrive to inboxes); if you fall under certain levels, your emails end up in the spam folder or rejected by the email servers. To keep these numbers high, you have to constantly improve your email quality, but most […]

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Implementing a Serverless AWS IoT Backend with AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB

Ed Lima Cloud Support Engineer Does your IoT device fleet scale to hundreds or thousands of devices? Do you find it somewhat challenging to retrieve the details for multiple devices? AWS IoT provides a platform to connect those devices and build a scalable solution for your Internet of Things workloads. Out of the box, the […]

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Redirection in a Serverless API with AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway

Ronald Widha @ronaldwidha Partner Solutions Architect Redirection is neither a success nor an error response. You return redirection when the requested resource resides either temporarily or permanently under a different URI. The client needs to issue subsequent calls to the new location in order to retrieve the requested resource. Even though you typically see 302 […]

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Powering Secondary DNS in a VPC using AWS Lambda and Amazon Route 53 Private Hosted Zones

Mark Statham, Senior Cloud Architect When you implement hybrid connectivity between existing on-premises environments and AWS, there are a number of approaches to provide DNS resolution of both on-premises and VPC resources. In a hybrid scenario, you likely require resolution of on-premises resources, AWS services deployed in VPCs, AWS service endpoints, and your own resources […]

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AWS Serverless Chatbot Competition

Today, we are pleased to announce the official AWS Serverless Chatbot competition! Bots on Slack can help your team be more productive and accomplish more tasks. They can help you increase visibility into your operations or help your customers easily get information through a natural, conversational interface. However, building and running bots can be a […]

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Serverless Cross Account Stream Replication Using AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Kinesis Firehose

This is a guest post by Richard Freeman, Ph.D., a solutions architect and data scientist at JustGiving. JustGiving in their own words: “We are one of the world’s largest social platforms for giving that’s helped 27.7 million users in 196 countries raise $4.1 billion for over 27,000 good causes.” At JustGiving, we want our analysts […]

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AWS Lambda Now Available in Singapore!

We are happy to announce the next step in our regional launch plan has been completed: AWS Lambda is now available in Singapore. With yesterday’s launch, we now have both Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda available in Singapore, so you can now use both services together in seven regions: US-WEST-2 US-EAST-1 EU-WEST-1 EU-CENTRAL-1 AP-NORTHEAST-1 […]

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