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Monetize your APIs in AWS Marketplace using API Gateway

Shiva Krishnamurthy, Sr. Product Manager Amazon API Gateway helps you quickly build highly scalable, secure, and robust APIs. Today, we are announcing an integration of API Gateway with AWS Marketplace. You can now easily monetize your APIs built with API Gateway, market them directly to AWS customers, and reuse AWS bill calculation and collection mechanisms. […]

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Building a Serverless Interface for Global Satellite Imagery

Update (February 19, 2021): The URL referenced in this article is no longer maintained by AWS, but you can still find the open source code used in the project at This is a guest post by Joe Flasher, Technical Business Development Manager. In March 2015, we launched Landsat on AWS, a public dataset made […]

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Binary Support for API Integrations with Amazon API Gateway

Masuo Gates, Software Development Manager A year ago, the Microservices without the Servers post showed how Lambda can be used for creating image thumbnails. This required the client to Base64 encode the binary image file before calling the image conversion API as well as Base64 decode the response before it could be rendered. With the […]

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Ad Hoc Big Data Processing Made Simple with Serverless MapReduce

September 8, 2021: Amazon Elasticsearch Service has been renamed to Amazon OpenSearch Service. See details. Sunil Mallya Solutions Architect Big data processing solutions have been using AWS Lambda more lately; customers have been creating solutions such as building metadata indexes for Amazon S3 using Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB and stream processing of data in S3. […]

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Powering Mobile Backend Services with AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway

Daniel AustinSolutions Architect Asif KhanSolutions Architect Have you ever wanted to create a mobile REST API quickly and easily to make database calls and manipulate data sources? The Node.js and Amazon DynamoDB tutorial shows how to perform CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) easily on DynamoDB tables using Node.js. In this post, I extend […]

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Optimizing Joining Windows Server Instances to a Domain with PowerShell in AWS CloudFormation

Scott Zimmerman AWS Solutions Architect Deploying applications with Active Directory, including Microsoft SharePoint Server and custom .NET applications, can take several minutes and possibly even hours. My colleague Julien Lépine wrote an excellent post, Optimize AWS CloudFormation Templates, about parallelizing Amazon EC2 instance creation in AWS CloudFormation. His post shows a general technique for using […]

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Going Serverless: Migrating an Express Application to Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda

Brett Andrews Software Development Engineer Amazon API Gateway recently released three new features that simplify the process of forwarding HTTP requests to your integration endpoint: greedy path variables, the ANY method, and proxy integration types. With this new functionality, it becomes incredibly easy to run HTTP applications in a serverless environment by leveraging the aws-serverless-express […]

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Easier integration with AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway

This week, Amazon API Gateway announced three new features that make it easier for you to leverage API Gateway and AWS Lambda to build your serverless applications. First, we now support catch-all path variables. You can define routes such as /store/{proxy+}, where the + symbol tells API Gateway to intercept all requests to the /store/* […]

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Techniques and Tools for Better Serverless API Logging with Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda

Ryan Green @ryangtweets Software Development Engineer, API Gateway Developing, testing, and operating Serverless APIs using Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda can be made much easier with built-in support for Amazon CloudWatch Logs. In Lambda functions, you can use log statements to send log events to CloudWatch log streams, and API Gateway automatically submits log […]

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