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Easier integration with AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway

This week, Amazon API Gateway announced three new features that make it easier for you to leverage API Gateway and AWS Lambda to build your serverless applications.

First, we now support catch-all path variables. You can define routes such as /store/{proxy+}, where the + symbol tells API Gateway to intercept all requests to the /store/* path. Second, we now support a new method type called ANY. You can use the catch-all ANY method to define the same integration behavior for all requests (GET, POST, etc). Third, you can now use a new proxy integration type for Lambda functions and HTTP endpoints. Lambda function proxy integrations apply a default mapping template to send the entire request to your functions, and it automatically maps Lambda output to HTTP responses. HTTP proxy integrations simply pass the entire request and response directly through to your HTTP endpoint.

One way to use these new features is to migrate Express applications to Lambda and API Gateway. Previously, in order to preserve your API routes in Express, you had to redefine each API method and its corresponding Express integration endpoint on API Gateway. Now, you can simply define one catch-all resource in API Gateway and configure it as a proxy integration with a Lambda function that wraps your Express application.

Head on over to Jeff Barr’s blog to read more about these new features!