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Imagine a city where people can move around freely and quickly. They can use resources, such as energy and drinking water, in a sustainable way. And they have easy access to important services. Public duties, such as garbage disposal and road maintenance, are tuned to each other, to traffic, and to supply flows. Healthcare and civil defence work efficiently. The administration, public service providers, enterprises, and citizens exchange experience and knowledge for further innovation. That is the vision of AWS Collaborative City.

Watch the video to learn about collaborative cities and gain insight into the smart city use cases of Bristol City Council and Aylesbury Vale District Council.


Cloud technology will be the backbone infrastructure for more sustainable cities of the future, but you can start transforming your city today. AWS and our partner ecosystem can help you implement smart city solutions to support your goals around energy efficiency, air quality, intelligent transportation, public safety, public health, and other programs focused on improving the quality of life for citizens.

What makes a city smart? Your data and your vision! By leveraging the multiple data sources that you have today and integrating additional datasets, you can design modern programs and services that make a city smart. Through sensors, connectivity, and analytics, AWS can help you begin your transformation.

By 2020, more than 20 billion compute and internet-enabled devices will be connected to the cloud and each other in what is called the Internet of Things (IoT). Communication protocols, Device SDKs, and secure connectivity are requirements to use cloud resources and realize the power of IoT. A key objective for IoT solutions is to enable greater insight from data provided by connected devices, have devices making better and smarter decisions for the users, and create new business models all together.

Learn more about monitoring a city’s CO2 emissions by using Intel & AWS secure IoT solutions.

Today, people expect the same grade of digitization from government organisations as they do from startups. Digital government transformation is more than a web front-end with a paper back-end. Digital government transformation means digital processes from end-to-end.

Cities are leading the way with open data initiatives, citizen service improvements, and infrastructure programs. More cities are turning to Amazon Web Services to provide cost-effective, scalable, secure, and flexible infrastructure. With our Future Citizen Innovation Series (FCIS) in early 2017, we brought top innovators together to work on the future of UK cities and UK citizen services. Presentations of the event series will be online soon.

Through our City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge, we recognize local and regional governments, and private and public schools and districts as hubs of innovation. From healthcare to utilities and from transit to city planning, local and regional governments are embracing innovation. Take a look at what these agencies and their partners are doing to move government forward on behalf of their citizens.

It's easy to get started with Amazon Web Services. Just sign up for an AWS account or contact a government account representative to learn more. Receive twelve months of access to the AWS Free Usage Tier and enjoy AWS Basic Support features including, 24x7x365 customer service, support forums, and more.