Executive Education Program in Digital Transformation for the Public Sector

The AWS Institute Executive Education program equips senior public sector leaders with the confidence and expertise they need to lead successful digital transformation.

About the program

The AWS Institute Executive Education program helps public sector leaders develop the strategy to lead successful digital transformation. It offers them real examples of practical steps from their peers around the world. Recognized academic, industry, and government experts deliver our global program using a variety of interactive instruction methods.

By attending the Executive Education program you will be enrolled in the AWS Institute international network. This community links leading digital reformers in public service so that they can share experience and expertise with their peers. The AWS Institute network supports and accelerates transformation via insights and peer-led support at roundtable discussions and through regular network thought leadership updates.

Who should attend?

The Executive Education program is for political or operational executive leaders in the public sector, such as director generals, assistant deputy ministers, deputy ministers, agency chief executives, and deputy chief executives.

How AWS Institute Executive Education supports leaders delivering public sector transformation


São Paulo's digital transformation delivered 74% savings per service request

Four government leaders of São Paulo who attended the AWS Institute Executive Education program discuss how digital transformation has delivered better services and experiences to the city's 12 million citizens. 

According to a study conducted by the Inter-American Development Bank, digital transformation in São Paulo has driven an average of 74 percent savings for each public service request. Hear these leaders talk about the fundamentals of a successful transformation, including a citizen-centric approach and the importance of the cloud.

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Public sector transformation is a mindset

Digital transformation in the public sector isn’t just about technology – it’s about a different way of thinking. Liam Maxwell – Amazon Web Services director of digital government transformation – tells delegates at an AWS Institute Executive Education program how cloud adoption helps deliver better public services.

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Deliver digital public services at scale

Listen to members of India's state governments, who attended an Executive Education program, describe the impact of digital transformation on public services.


Innovation, scale, and cost in focus

Public sector digital transformation leaders who attended the IE University and AWS Institute Executive Education program in Madrid discuss how citizens benefit from digital transformation driven by cloud technology, and how to work together.


Identify the keys to digital success

Hear Nomahlubi Ogoh, head of information technology for Sentech, South Africa's state-owned electronic communications network services provider, explain how speed, reliability, and security underpin successful digital transformation.


Dr Wesley Rosslyn-Smith, from the University of Pretoria (UP), says closer relationships between academics and governments can help bring about change based on modern technology. He led an Executive Education Program in Digital Transformation for the Public Sector at UP's Future Africa Centre. Cloud computing, he says, can help governments address their capacity challenge and help them focus on where they can really make a difference.

Academic institutions we worked with

Corpus Christi College Oxford
University of Exeter
Hertie School
Abu Dhabi School of Government
India School of Business Executive Education
Lee Kuran Yew School of Public Policy

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The AWS Institute is a thought leadership and Executive Education program to accelerate digital transformation for public sector executives.