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ICYMI: Re-architect for cost optimization, automate optimization, and cost saving opportunities during migrations

Organizations are adding expenses again while chasing post-pandemic development prospects, but they still need to minimize costs as they face fresh economic challenges including inflation and a lack of inputs. In these circumstances, it’s even more crucial to choose which expenses to cut or safeguard, so you can promote efficiency and development even during inflation.

Companies like Alert Logic used CFM strategies to prioritize cost-saving initiatives and improve the utilization of their provisioned resources to reduce cloud costs by 28%.

To help you maximize your savings opportunities, we’ve selected the top 3 AWS cost optimization resources from last month.

Top 3 cloud cost optimization resources on AWS

[AWS Architecture Blog]

1. Improve cost visibility and re-architect for cost optimization

Learn how to better understand your AWS spend and identify cost savings. In this post, we’ll show you how to improve cost visibility, rearchitect for cost optimization, and apply cost control measures to encourage innovation while ensuring improved return on investment.

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[The Keys to AWS Optimization]

2. Automate optimization

Learn about ways to automate optimization, and dive deep into scheduling and best practices on this Twitch series where we share stories, concepts, and solutions to help you unlock cost optimization at AWS.

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[AWS Database Blog]

3. Migrate to Amazon RDS for Oracle with cost optimization

When migrating Oracle Database applications to AWS, you have many opportunities to modernize and optimize your architecture. Understand opportunities to modernize and optimize your architecture while migrating Oracle Database applications to AWS.

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What’s next?

For more information about AWS services and resources that can help optimize and save on your IT costs, visit our CFM solutions page.

Luis Abud

Luis Abud

Luis oversees the Digital Experience for AWS Billing and Cost Management services. He focuses on enabling finance and business leaders to transform their business with cost transparency, control, forecasting, and optimization. In his previous career, he helped tech and retail companies establish and enhance their digital presence in Latin America.