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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Is Your Name Steve? Did you Email me Last Week?

This is pretty embarassing, but I don’t have another way to retrieve the email. Sometime late last week I received an email from someone. I am pretty sure that his name was Steve. It was a fairly long email, and I was looking forward to reading and responding to it. Unfortunately, I was a bit […]

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Reminder: Talis Library Mashup Contest

I had lunch with Paul Miller of Talis yesterday. As I have blogged before, they are running a contest for library mashups. You’ve still got 2.5 weeks to build your mashup — plenty of time to build something cool using the Talis APIs in conjunction with ECS or some other interesting web service. — Jeff; […]

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AWS Code Samples

A colleague sent me a link to Google’s new Project Hosting site. The site is a handy place for developers to maintain project membership, store source code, and track bugs. Out of curiosity I ran a query for Amazon and found four interesting projects: amazonws shows how to call ECS from Java using JAXB and […]

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Weekend Link Roundup

It is time to put up some links I’ve saved up over the past couple of weeks: Alex Barnett has a bunch of handy REST resources. Tim O’Reilly talks about The Rise of Open Infrastructure and mentions Amazon S3. Dion Hinchcliffe discusses Scaling Web 2.0 Software, and refers to some of the same sources that […]

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Cross-Domain XmlHTTPRequest

Today I had lunch with Peter Nixey of Web Kitchen. We talked about all sorts of interesting topics, including his recent blog posting, Why XHR Should Become Opt-In Cross Domain. This posting was written in a very interesting style and compares cross-domain scripting permissions to ordering beer in a pub. Peter explains the problem, the […]

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Making Money with the Amazon Mechanical Turk

Salon has published “I Make $1.45 a Week and I Love It“, a very interesting article on the Amazon Mechanical Turk. You will need to watch a short ad in order to read the entire article. The article covers the historic origin of the Mechanical Turk name, Amazon’s rollout of the web site, and requesters […]

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Developer Support Engineer Position Now Open

Join the AWS Developer Relations team as a Developer Support Engineer and you will get the chance to exercise your programming and communication know-how. You will get to partner with and support developers who are building business critical applications on top of AWS. Ideal candidates will have: Working knowledge of Web services technologies, such as […]

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Amazon Search Inside of Second Life

Lately I’ve been spending some of my personal time in another world, a world called Second Life, to be precise. Second Life is a 3D virtual world. When you log in to Second Life for the first time you choose your “in-world” name and you create your own avatar. Once inside, you can chat, run, […]

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