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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.


Mashups are applications which combine data from 2 or more distinct web services into a single application. All 7 of the AWS services are excellent raw materials for mashups, of course. The Web 2.0 Mashup Matrix is a great way to find interesting mashups. You could also use it to find new opportunities — a […]

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Two New Tutorials: ECS and PHP 5

IBM developerWorks has published two tutorials on how to use ECS with PHP 5: Create an Amazon storefront using PHP, Part 1: Getting content with Amazon ECS This is the first of a two-part tutorial that constructs an Amazon storefront using PHP and the Amazon E-Commerce Service (ECS). The storefront constructed will allow shoppers to […]

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Come to Vegas for Mix06!

The Amazon Web Services team will have a strong showing at the upcoming Mix06 conference in Las Vegas. The conference will be held March 20th to 22nd at the Venetian Resort and Casino. There’s a special discounted rate; more information is available here. First, we will be conducting a session on the use of the […]

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My Big River

My Big River uses AWS and Ajax technology to make it really easy to create links to specific Amazon products. Simply go to the site and start typing, and the best match will be displayed in a matter of seconds. The match is displayed along with the HTML needed to link to the product. You […]

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New RSS Feed

The RSS feed for this site is now routed through FeedBurner. This will allow us to collect some useful statistics on how the feed is used and how often the various items in it are clicked. If you have subscribed to the original feed you are welcome to stay subscribed. However, subscribing to the new […]

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Ringfo – Call for Amazon Catalog Data

This is pretty cool, and you have to try it! If you are in the US, pick up your phone and dial 888-937-4462, enter an ISBN or UPC code, and Ringfo will tell you all about the product. If you need an example ISBN, try “1-4116-2551-X” (use the # key to represent the X). To […]

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Motion Mall – Build Ad Banners for Blogs and Web Sites

MotionMall is a free service for blogs and for web sites. The service makes it easy to create interactive, Amazon-powered banner ads using a step-by-step wizard interface. The product has a direct link to the Amazon Associates program; the product is supported by a click-sharing payment model.   Here is an actual ad, created in […]

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Alexa Top Sites

I was traveling last week and didn’t have time to blog about the launch of the Alexa Top Sites service. Using this service, your application can retrieve sites ordered by their Alexa Traffic Rank. This data can be retrieved globally or on a per-country basis. Cost is just $.00025 per URL, or a quarter for […]

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vkVoice – Text to Speech using Mechanical Turk

The Von Kempelen vk Voice system provides professional-grade text to speech services using their network of “human talkers.” In a nutshell, they transform text into spoken words using a higly qualified Mechanical Turk workforce. The service can accept text in a wide variety of formats including RSS, email, and web forms, and they are ready […]

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