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What Can I Say? Another Amazon S3 Price Reduction!

We’ve reduced the prices for Amazon S3 storage again. As is always the case, the cost to store your existing data will go down. This is markedly different than buying a hard drive at a fixed cost per byte and is just one of the many advantages of using cloud-based storage. You can also count on Amazon S3 to deliver essentially infinite scalability, eleven nines of durability (99.999999999%), and your choice of four distinct geographic locations for data storage.

So, starting November 1, 2010, you’ll see a reduction of up to19% in your overall storage charges on a monthly basis. We’ve created a new pricing tier at the 1 TB level, and we have removed the current 50 – 100 TB tier, thereby extending our volume discounts to more Amazon S3 customers.

The new prices for standard storage in the US Standard, EU – Ireland, and APAC – Singapore regions are as follows:

    Old   New
First 1 TB   $0.150   $0.140 per GB
Next 49 TB   $0.150   $0.125 per GB
Next 50 TB   $0.140   $0.110 per GB
Next 400 TB   $0.130   $0.110 per GB
Next 500 TB   $0.105   $0.095 per GB
Next 4000 TB   $0.080 per GB   $0.080 per GB (no change)
Over 5000 TB   $0.055 per GB   $0.055 per GB (no change)

Reduced Redundancy storage will continue to be priced 1/3 lower than standard storage in all regions.

The full price list can be found on the Amazon S3 page. We’ll continue to work relentlessly to drive our costs down so that we can pass the savings along to you!

We’ve got several more announcements related to S3 coming up in the near future, so stay tuned.

The S3 team is hiring Software Development Engineers, a Technical Program Manager, System Engineers, Administrators, and Product Managers. More information and instructions for applying can be found on the Amazon S3 Jobs page.

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Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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