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Autheos – At the Nexus of Marketing and E-Commerce

In today’s guest post, Leon Mergen, CTO of Autheos, reviews their company history and their move to AWS. — Jeff; Adding video to a product page on an e-commerce site is perhaps the single most effective way to drive increased sales — studies have shown sales conversion rates can go up by more than two […]

Box Zones – Giving Enterprises Control Over Data Location Using AWS

Our friends over at Box provide secure content management, collaboration, and file sharing for over half of the companies on the Fortune 500 list. Box has succeeded by paying attention to the needs of enterprise customers. For example, last year I wrote about Box Enterprise Key Management (EKM), a flexible, no-compromises encryption system that gives […]

Building Bridges for Better Cancer Treatment with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

My colleagues Jessica Beegle and Christopher Crosbie shared the inspiring story below! — Jeff; The science of cancer research is continually evolving to include new fields of study. Examples include development of chemotherapies, radiology amplified treatments, and epidemiology for identifying carcinogens. Pathology continues to help deepen the understanding of the disease’s manifestations. The discipline of […]

Airbnb – Reinventing the Hospitality Industry on AWS

Airbnb is a classic story of how a few people with a great idea can disrupt an entire industry. Launched in 2008, over 80 million guests have stayed on Airbnb in over 2 million homes in over 190 countries. They recently opened 4,000 homes in Cuba to travelers around the globe. The company was also […]

AWS – Ready to Weather the Storm

As people across the Northeastern United States are stocking up their pantries and preparing their disaster supplies kits, AWS is also preparing for winter snow storms and the subsequent hurricane season. After fielding several customer requests for information about our preparation regime, my colleagues Brian Beach and Ilya Epshteyn wrote the following guest post in […]