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Elastic Transcoder Update – Support for HLS v4

Amazon Elastic Transcoder lets you convert media files in to versions that will play on smart phones, tablets, and PCs. It manages all of the tedious aspects of the media transcoding process on your behalf; you simply create a transcoding Job, specify the location of the source media file, and indicate which output format(s) you […]

Amazon Elastic Transcoder Now Supports Smooth Streaming

Amazon Elastic Transcoder is a scalable, fully managed media (audio and video) transcoding service that works on a cost-effective, pay-per-use model. You don’t have to license or install any software, and you can take advantage of transcoding presets for a variety of popular output devices and formats, including H.264 and VP8 video and AAC, MP3, […]

Process Captions with Amazon Elastic Transcoder

Today we are adding captioning support to Amazon Elastic Transcoder. You can now add, remove, or preserve captions as you transcode videos from one format to another, at no additional charge. Captions provide a transcript of the audio portion of the content, making it accessible to more people. With the passing of the Americans with […]

Amazon Elastic Transcoder Update

Transcoding is the process of adapting a media file (video or audio) to change the size, format, or other parameters in order to reduce the file size or to make it compatible with a particular type of device. Amazon Elastic Transcoder is a scalable, fully-managed service that works on a cost-effective pay per use model. […]