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Secure API Access with Amazon Cognito Federated Identities, Amazon Cognito User Pools, and Amazon API Gateway

Ed Lima, Solutions Architect   Our identities are what define us as human beings. Philosophical discussions aside, it also applies to our day-to-day lives. For instance, I need my work badge to get access to my office building or my passport to travel overseas. My identity in this case is attached to my work badge […]

SquirrelBin: A Serverless Microservice Using AWS Lambda

Tim Wagner, AWS Lambda General Manager Will Gaul, AWS Lambda Software Developer With the recent release of Amazon API Gateway, developers can now create custom RESTful APIs that trigger AWS Lambda functions, allowing for truly serverless backends that include built-in authorization, traffic management, monitoring, and analytics. To showcase what’s possible with this new integration and […]

AWS NY Summit Presentations

Tim Wagner, AWS Lambda The 2015 AWS NY summit a lot of exciting content for AWS Lambda and ECS. If you weren’t able to join us there, here’s a summary of slideshares and videos with compute-related announcements and content:   Werner Vogels Keynote: Announcing Amazon API Gateway Announcement excerpt: Full keynote: Werner and Matt Wood […]