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Techniques and Tools for Better Serverless API Logging with Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda

Ryan Green @ryangtweets Software Development Engineer, API Gateway Developing, testing, and operating Serverless APIs using Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda can be made much easier with built-in support for Amazon CloudWatch Logs. In Lambda functions, you can use log statements to send log events to CloudWatch log streams, and API Gateway automatically submits log […]

Migrating a Native JAVA REST API to a Serverless Architecture with the Lambada Framework for AWS

NOTE: Newer guidance on the topic of migrating Java based applications to AWS Lambda can be found here: Replatforming Java based applications to AWS Lambda. This is a guest post by Çağatay Gürtürk, the creator of the Lambada framework Serverless computing has become a hot topics since AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway started to […]

Maintaining a Healthy Email Database with AWS Lambda, Amazon SNS, and Amazon DynamoDB

Carlos SanchizSr. Solutions Architect Mike DeckPartner Solutions Architect Reputation in the email world is critical to achieve reasonable deliverability rates (the percentage of emails that arrive to inboxes); if you fall under certain levels, your emails end up in the spam folder or rejected by the email servers. To keep these numbers high, you have […]