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AWS Database Migration Service improves migration speeds by adding support for parallel full load and new LOB migration mechanisms

This blog post was last reviewed and updated March, 2022. We’re happy to introduce AWS DMS replication engine version 3.1.2. The new version includes a better UX and performance improvements that were requested by many customers. We listened and delivered on our promise to make DMS better. In this blog post, I’ll cover few key […]

Migrate to native partitioned tables in PostgreSQL 10 using AWS Database Migration Service

We’re excited to introduce AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) version 2.4.3, which includes support for migrating data to native partitioned tables in PostgreSQL 10. In this post, we discuss how you can use AWS DMS version 2.4.3 to migrate data from Oracle partitioned tables to PostgreSQL 10 natively partitioned tables. You can do so […]

Migration Validation (Part 2) – Introducing Data Validation in AWS Database Migration Service

AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) helps you migrate databases to AWS quickly and securely. You can migrate your data to and from most widely used commercial and open source databases, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. The service supports homogeneous migrations such as Oracle to Oracle, and also heterogeneous migrations between different […]