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Using New Regions and Endpoints

Last week, a customer asked us how they could configure the AWS SDK for PHP to use Amazon SES with the EU (Ireland) Region. SES had just released support for the EU Region, but there was no tagged version of the SDK that supported it yet. Our typical process is to push new support for […]

Working with Multiple Regions

In a previous blog post, I introduced the new :region configuration option for the AWS SDK for Ruby (aws-sdk gem). Beyond simplified configuration, the Ruby SDK provides additional helpers for working with multiple regions. There are two new helper classes for working with regions, AWS::Core::Region and AWS::Core::RegionCollection. The AWS module provides helper methods so that […]

Working with Regions

The AWS SDK for Ruby (aws-sdk gem) has some cool new features that simplify working with regions. The Ruby SDK defaults to the us-east-1 region for all services. Until recently, you had to specify the full regional endpoint for each service you connect to outside the default region. If you use multiple services outside us-east-1, […]