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AWS re:Invent 2013 Sessions Now Available

Talks from AWS re:Invent 2013 started to become available over the past week through YouTube and SlideShare. If you were at re:Invent this year, you may have seen the CloudFormation, Elastic Beanstalk and OpsWorks sessions. If you missed this year’s re:Invent, or if you just want to check the sessions out again, the talks are […]

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Authenticated File Downloads with CloudFormation

In this guest post, AWS Solution Architect Grace Mollison (@grapesfrog) discusses options for authenticated file downloads when using CloudFormation. Note: This post assumes familiarity with cfn-init and CloudFormation Metadata to bootstrap the EC2 instances in your CloudFormation stack. To learn more, see Automate LAMP Installation Using CloudFormation, Bootstrapping AWS CloudFormation Windows Stacks, or the cfn-init documentation […]

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CloudFormation and the New AWS CLI

CloudFormation provides a number of different ways to use the service. From the web API to language-specific SDKs to GUIs like the AWS Management Console, you choose the interface that’s right for you. For those of you using (or interested in using) the CloudFormation command line interface (CLI), this post’s for you. The original CloudFormation […]

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