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AWS increases Epic database sizing options for customers

Amazon Web Services (AWS), in collaboration with Epic, is announcing another increase in Epic on AWS customer database sizing, measured in global references per second (GRefs/s). Epic’s Chronicles Operational Database (ODB) can now be sized to 75 million GRefs/s in AWS. This is achieved on an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) R7an.48xlarge instance combined with Amazon […]

AWS increases scalability of Epic database performance

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) has increased maximum sizing of global references per second (GRefs/s) for Epic on AWS customers.  AWS now supports operational database workloads of up to 42 million GRefs/s.  This represents a 61% GRefs/s increase from the previous AWS GRefs/s sizing announcement.  This step-change in scalability, delivered on the R6in instance, represents […]

Amazon delivers leading Epic database performance in public cloud for healthcare

AWS has, again, increased scalability of global references per second (GRref/s) for Epic on AWS customers. This represents a 260% increase since being approved as a public cloud provider for Epic customers starting in 2019. Amazon EC2 M6i instances provide this step-change in performance, resulting in the highest GRref/s scaling in the public cloud.  The AWS […]