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Analyze live video at scale in real time using Amazon Kinesis Video Streams and Amazon SageMaker

We are excited to announce the launch of the Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Inference Template (KIT) for Amazon SageMaker. This capability enables customers to attach Kinesis Video streams to Amazon SageMaker endpoints in minutes. This drives real-time inferences without having to use any other libraries or write custom software to integrate the services. The KIT comprises […]

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Video analytics in the cloud and at the edge with AWS DeepLens and Kinesis Video Streams

Yesterday we announced the integration of AWS DeepLens with Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, allowing you to easily and securely stream a video feed from AWS DeepLens to Amazon Kinesis Video Streams for analytics, machine learning and other processing. To help you understand the solution that integrates AWS DeepLens and Kinesis Video Streams, we’ll recap the […]

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Easily perform facial analysis on live feeds by creating a serverless video analytics environment using Amazon Rekognition Video and Amazon Kinesis Video Streams

In this blog post, we’ll use your webcam on your laptop to send a live feed to an Amazon Kinesis Video Stream. From there, a processor within Amazon Rekognition Video analyzes the feed and compares it to a collection we create. The output matches will get sent to us via an email through an integration with AWS Lambda and Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS).

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Build automatic analysis of body language to gauge attention and engagement using Amazon Kinesis Video Streams and Amazon AI Services

This is a guest blog post by Ned T. Sahin, PhD (Brain Power LLC and Harvard University), Runpeng Liu (Brain Power LLC and MIT), Joseph Salisbury, PhD (Brain Power LLC), and Lillian Bu (Brain Power LLC and MIT).  Producers of content (from ads to games to teaching materials) usually judge the success of their content […]

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Use facial recognition to deliver high-end consumer experience with Amazon Kinesis Video Streams and Amazon Rekognition Video

Whatever your use case, real-time face recognition with Kinesis Video Streams and Rekognition Video is easy to set up and doesn’t require expensive hardware. The entire system built here is serverless and Rekognition Video qualifies for the AWS Free Tier.

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