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Identifying training bottlenecks and system resource under-utilization with Amazon SageMaker Debugger

At AWS re:Invent 2020, AWS released the profiling functionality for Amazon SageMaker Debugger. In this post, we expand on the importance of profiling deep neural network (DNN) training, review some of the common performance bottlenecks you might encounter, and demonstrate how to use the profiling feature in Debugger to detect such bottlenecks. In the context […]

Using streaming ingestion with Amazon SageMaker Feature Store to make ML-backed decisions in near-real time

Businesses are increasingly using machine learning (ML) to make near-real time decisions, such as placing an ad, assigning a driver, recommending a product, or even dynamically pricing products and services. ML models make predictions given a set of input data known as features, and data scientists easily spend more than 60% of their time designing […]

AWS and NVIDIA achieve the fastest training times for Mask R-CNN and T5-3B

Note: At the AWS re:Invent Machine Learning Keynote we announced performance records for T5-3B and Mask-RCNN. This blog post includes updated numbers with additional optimizations since the keynote aired live on 12/8. At re:Invent 2019, we demonstrated the fastest training times on the cloud for Mask R-CNN, a popular instance segmentation model, and BERT, a […]

Customizing and reusing models generated by Amazon SageMaker Autopilot

Amazon SageMaker Autopilot automatically trains and tunes the best machine learning (ML) models for classification or regression problems while allowing you to maintain full control and visibility. This not only allows data analysts, developers, and data scientists to train, tune, and deploy models with little to no code, but you can also review a generated […]

Making sense of your health data with Amazon HealthLake

We’re excited to announce Amazon HealthLake, a new HIPAA-eligible service for healthcare providers, health insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies to securely store, transform, query, analyze, and share health data in the cloud, at petabyte scale. HealthLake uses machine learning (ML) models trained to automatically understand and extract meaningful medical data from raw, disparate data, such […]

Identify bottlenecks, improve resource utilization, and reduce ML training costs with the deep profiling feature in Amazon SageMaker Debugger

Machine learning (ML) has shown great promise across domains such as predictive analysis, speech processing, image recognition, recommendation systems, bioinformatics, and more. Training ML models is a time- and compute-intensive process, requiring multiple training runs with different hyperparameters before a model yields acceptable accuracy. CPU- and GPU-based distributed training with frameworks such as Horovod and […]

Most items in the model with the Weather Index have errors below 0.05.

Amazon Forecast Weather Index – automatically include local weather to increase your forecasting model accuracy

We’re excited to announce the Amazon Forecast Weather Index, which can increase your forecasting accuracy by automatically including local weather information in your demand forecasts with one click and at no extra cost. Weather conditions influence consumer demand patterns, product merchandizing decisions, staffing requirements, and energy consumption needs. However, acquiring, cleaning, and effectively using live […]

New Amazon SageMaker Neo features to run more models faster and more efficiently on more hardware platforms

Amazon SageMaker Neo enables developers to train machine learning (ML) models once and optimize them to run on any Amazon SageMaker endpoints in the cloud and supported devices at the edge. Since Neo was first announced at re:Invent 2018, we have been continuously working with the Neo-AI open-source communities and several hardware partners to increase […]

Model dynamism Support in Amazon SageMaker Neo

Amazon SageMaker Neo was launched at AWS re:Invent 2018. It made notable performance improvement on models with statically known input and output data shapes, typically image classification models. These models are usually composed of a stack of blocks that contain compute-intensive operators, such as convolution and matrix multiplication. Neo applies a series of optimizations to […]

Amazon SageMaker Neo makes it easier to get faster inference for more ML models with NVIDIA TensorRT

Amazon SageMaker Neo now uses the NVIDIA TensorRT acceleration library to increase the speedup of machine learning (ML) models on NVIDIA Jetson devices at the edge and AWS g4dn and p3 instances in the AWS Cloud. Neo compiles models from TensorFlow, TFLite, MXNet, PyTorch, ONNX, and DarkNet to make optimal use of NVIDIA GPUs, providing […]