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New Whitepaper on Email Best Practices!

To run a successful email program, you must be aware of a few topics that can affect your delivery and ultimately your impact on email recipients. You might send email for a variety of reasons, including enhancing an existing relationship with a customer, marketing new products and offers, educating a group of people sharing a […]

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5 Ways to Decrease Your Bounce Rate

One of our recent posts talked about what bounces are and mentioned that a good hard bounce rate is usually less than 5%. In this post, you’ll learn five strategies that will help you achieve a low bounce rate. Don’t buy or rent mailing lists. The folks who are trying to sell or rent the […]

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Email Definitions: Bounces

A key concept in email is that of a bounce. A bounce is usually an indication that the message you sent was rejected by the intended recipient’s email infrastructure and may not have reached the recipient. Hard and Soft Bounces A hard bounce indicates a persistent delivery failure (e.g., mailbox does not exist). In other […]

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