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Customizing Amazon Cognito User Pool Authentication Flow

Introduction Modern authentication flows incorporate new challenge types, in addition to a password, to verify the identity of users. For example, these challenge types include CAPTCHAs or dynamic challenge questions. With Amazon Cognito Your User Pools, we now have a flexible authentication flow that you can customize to incorporate additional authentication methods and support dynamic […]

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Amazon Mobile Analytics Auto Export to Amazon S3 – Feature Update

Update: April 30, 2018: We’ve discontinued Amazon Mobile Analytics. Amazon Pinpoint now provides the analytics features that Amazon Mobile Analytics previously offered. If you’re new to Mobile Analytics, you can integrate the mobile analytics features of Amazon Pinpoint into your app. If you currently use Amazon Mobile Analytics, you can migrate to Amazon Pinpoint. Amazon […]

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How to set up Parse Server on AWS using AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Facebook recently announced that they are shutting down Parse and that users have one year to migrate their apps to alternative infrastructures. We are working closely with Parse to provide a migration path.  AWS offers a variety of features for building and running mobile apps, including user identity, push notifications, storage, content delivery, app testing […]

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