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Author: Mikey Tom

Mikey works on the AWS Startup Marketing team to help highlight awesome founders leveraging the AWS ecosystem in interesting ways. Prior to his time at AWS, Mikey led the venture capital news coverage at PitchBook, researching and writing about industry trends and events.

Duetto Research

How Duetto is modernizing the multi-billion dollar hospitality industry

The hospitality industry was once a hotbed of innovation. Back in the 1960’s, for example, the Holiday Inn developed and launched the Holidex, a first-of-its-kind centralized reservation system. In a time before the internet, this piece of technology helped set the then 15-year old company apart. But times have changed, according to Patrick Bosworth, CEO and Co-Founder of Duetto.

Andre Haddad CEO of Turo at Collision 2018

Turo’s Peer-to-peer Car Marketplace Isn’t Slowing Down

According to Turo CEO Andre Haddad, there are almost 300 million cars in the United States and about 1.1 billion worldwide. While those numbers seem staggering, the average car is only used 10% of the time, per Haddad. Turo looks to fill that gap, offering a marketplace where car owners can rent out their cars to other users when available.