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How Metail Takes the Guesswork Out of Online Shopping

In recent years there has been a movement in the clothing retail industry to create new shopping experiences. Companies like StichFix and TrunkClub, for example, completely removed the need to visit a physical retail location through their delivery of monthly, personalized packages of clothes. Don’t like something? Totally fine, just ship it back.

Another startup bringing innovation to the changing industry is Metail, a developer of technology that enables users to virtually try on clothes and easily switch between potential outfit combinations. We’ve all ordered something online, expected it to fit like a glove, and then been disappointed upon its delivery. Metail is working to eliminate that guesswork.

But it’s not only consumers that benefit from the London-based startup’s platform. Retailers are also given the ability to simplify the modeling process. Metail’s Composed Photography tech only needs to shoot each model once, and then captures the clothing collection separately. This enables retailers to more easily scale its models and reduces the time needed to showcase products.

At a high-level, there are two main parts to Metail’s infrastructure, per Chief Technical Officer Jim Downing. There’s a backend that produces the digital models of the garments, and there’s the production half that handles body model prediction, garment modeling, real-time rendering, along with the data and analytics.

Learn more about the 10-year-old company in the above video.

Mikey Tom

Mikey Tom

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