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High-Growth Innovation Powered by Technology

High-Growth Innovation Powered by Technology

Most startups want to achieve the title of ‘high-growth’. It’s a moniker that defines their stratospheric growth within their sector. That labels them as a disruptor and change maker. And that paints them as innovative and interesting—as the kind of company that investors pay attention to and customers want to adopt. Which is exactly what Signal AI, Synthesia and TrueLayer—all winners in the Rocketship category of the AWS Software Startups Awards—have done.

The Sustainability Equation: Why Tech for Good Means Tech for the Future

We need startups with innovative mindsets to step forward with solutions that will enable the world to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), startups that put sustainability at the heart of their technology, which is precisely what Basecamp Research, BioSimulytics Limited, and Circular Way have done. Learn more about the 2022 AWS Software Startup Awards medalists in the Sustainability Champion category.