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Advertising and Marketing

Canva Customer Study on AWS


Innovating ways to make design accessible to everyone.

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Snap Customer Study on AWS


Supporting more than 306 million users sending 5.4 billion Snaps.

Pinterest Customer Story on AWS


Hosting billions of images for over 450 million monthly users to discover.

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Salesforce Customer Study on AWS


Unifying data to create billions of 360-degree customer profiles.

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Financial Services

Financial Services

Goldman Sachs Customer Study on AWS

Goldman Sachs

Accelerating innovation for customers, from investment to consumer banking.

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Intuit Customer Study on AWS


Using AWS to reach new markets, speed development, and serve customers.

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Itau Customer Story on AWS


Using AWS for analytics and observability to improve quality for its customers.

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AXA Innovator Title


Using AWS to easily comply with complex security requirements within a heavily regulated industry.

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HSBC Customer Study on AWS


Providing the global footprint and rigorous security customers expect and regulators require.

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Capital One Customer Story on AWS

Capital One

Embracing analytics and machine learning to provide a seamless customer experience.

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Healthcare and Life Sciences

AstraZeneca Customer Study on AWS


Building a genomics pipeline using high-performance computing technologies.

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Philips Customer Study on AWS


Delivering connections to smart devices and frameworks to analyze healthcare data.

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Moderna Customer Study on AWS


Supporting data-driven operations to quickly bring new therapies to market.
ehealth thumbnail

eHealth NSW

Supporting the vital work of healthcare delivery to patients across the region.

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Hospitality and Travel

Hospitality and Travel



Improving personalized hotel experiences and strengthening customer loyalty.

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Airbnb Customer Study on AWS


Supporting a community marketplace with over 7 million accommodations.

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Booking.com Customer Study on AWS


Improving travel recommendations and removing friction using generative artificial intelligence (AI).

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Delivering food in 12 markets worldwide while reducing food delivery times by 20%.

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Korean Airlines Customer Study on AWS

Korean Air

Predicting and preempting maintenance for its fleet of aircraft.

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Expedia Customer Study on AWS


Enhancing booking experiences and scaling to over 600 million monthly website visits.

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Delivery Hero Customer Study on AWS

Delivery Hero

Operating a network of brands in 70 countries across four continents, with innovation at the forefront of operations.

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The Fork Customer Study on AWS

The Fork

Modernizing infrastructure to boost performance and deliver a better user experience for restaurant partners.

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tui thumbnail

TUI Group

One of the largest travel companies in the world, it migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build a modern infrastructure for cutting-edge travel services.

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BMW Group Customer Study on AWS

BMW Group

Building with the agility needed to democratize data usage at scale.

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iRobot Customer Study on AWS


Improving product stability by executing 20,000 tests per day.

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Siemens Customer Study on AWS


Modernizing security infrastructure to improve productivity and communication.
Volkswagen Group Customer Study on AWS

Volkswagen Group

Using services to increase productivity by 30% and save €1 billion in supply chain costs.

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Toyota Customer Study on AWS


Reinventing the development of connected vehicles while reducing costs up to 80%.

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Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Netflix Customer Story on AWS


Delivering award-winning entertainment to more than 200 million members.

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Epic Games Customer Study on AWS

Epic Games

Creating cutting-edge entertainment for over 350 million players.

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FOX Customer Study on AWS


Migrating about 8 PB of content from its on-premises storage to the cloud in only 6 weeks.

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Public Broadcasting System (PBS) Customer Study on AWS


Innovating and enhancing local live streaming.

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Scaling to run hundreds of simulations in 1 hour and speeding innovation.

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Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

Amazon Customer Study on AWS


Leveraging machine learning to automate inventory workflows.

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Adidas Customer Study on AWS


Analyzing trends and predicting future product offerings.

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Coca-Cola Customer Story on AWS


Increasing analytics productivity by 80% for more data-driven decision making.

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Mercado Libre Customer Study on AWS

Mercado Libre

Translating millions of product titles, descriptions, and interactions.

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Bundesliga Customer Study on AWS


Delivering real-time statistics that improve insights into game strategy and outcomes.

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F1 Customer Study on AWS


Discovering how F1 used thousands of simulations to help design the next generation race car.

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Ferrari Customer Study on AWS


Using AWS machine learning, analytics, and compute capabilities to accelerate innovation across the organization.

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MLSE Customer Study on AWS


Creating exciting sports moments and enhancing fan engagement.

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NFL Customer Study on AWS


Analyzing millions of data points down to the millimeter with machine learning.

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PGA Tour Customer Study on AWS

PGA Tour

Using AWS machine learning and analytics to bring fans closer to the course.

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More Innovator Stories

More Innovator Stories

Spryker Customer Story on AWS


Scaling and innovating in the cloud to focus on developing new services for enterprise customers.

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Globe Telecom Customer Story on AWS

Globe Telecom

Innovating to build customer trust, insights, and a digital lifestyle.

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ENGIE Customer Study on AWS


Accelerating transition to zero carbon by simplifying data access.

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Capella Space Customer Story on AWS

Capella Space

Accessing satellite data within minutes to solve global problems.

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Verizon Customer Story on AWS


Accelerating the launch of 5G network capability using AWS.

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GE Customer Study on AWS

General Electric

Combining engineering with analytics to help people work more efficiently and safely.

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Infor Customer Study on AWS


Delivering secure, scalable, innovative, and compliant solutions.

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