Amazon EKS and Kubernetes sessions at AWS re:Invent 2023


AWS re:Invent 2023 is right around the corner, offering a full track of sessions focused on Kubernetes and cloud-native related topics. To help you discover and select the right sessions for you, we’ve listed the sessions below grouped by core focus area with links to the re:Invent sessions catalog. Note that it takes a moment to see the details after selecting the link.

One session you won’t want to miss is CON203: The future of Amazon EKS featuring Nate Taber, Head of Product for Kubernetes at AWS, Nova DasSarma, Head of Cloud at Anthropic, and Alex Demetri, Director of Engineering at Slack. Nova shares how Anthropic uses Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) to train their large language models (LLMs) and Alex shares how Slack standardized their internal development platforms on Amazon EKS. Nate covers recent Amazon EKS innovations, current areas of focus, and an early look at its future roadmap.

Stop by the Amazon EKS booth in the Expo Hall or the AWS Modern Applications and Open Source Zone to chat with our experts about Kubernetes and Amazon EKS. Check out some demonstrations, meet some new open source friends, and try your luck on our custom built arcade games!

Kubernetes for building platforms

We’re constantly inspired by customers building innovative developer platforms and applications using containers and Kubernetes on Amazon EKS. This year’s re:Invent lineup features multiple sessions to help developers accelerate their Kubernetes journey. Whether you’re just starting your containerization efforts or looking to optimize existing workloads, these sessions provide the Kubernetes knowledge you need. Meet AWS experts and connect with peers facing similar challenges. Together, we’ll uncover how Amazon EKS makes Kubernetes more manageable for teams of any size.

  • CON206 | Accelerate your Kubernetes journey with Amazon EKS (Breakout)
  • CON207 | Running OpenShift on AWS using Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) (Breakout)
  • CON305 | Fundamentals to scale Kubernetes across your organization (Workshop)
  • CON310 | Cloud-native Java on AWS (Builders’ Session)
  • CON311 | Platform engineering with Amazon EKS (Breakout)
  • CON327 | Inner workings of Amazon EKS (Breakout)
  • CON406 | Amazon EKS: Infrastructure as code, GitOps, or CI\CD? (Chalk Talk)
  • CON402 | Application deployment in Amazon EKS: Patterns, practices, and designs (Workshop)

Data on EKS (DoEKS)

Join us to explore patterns for large-scale data processing, deploying generative AI models, and diving deep into Amazon EKS architecture best practices with Data on EKS. We’ll cover approaches to manage the Machine Learning lifecycle on Amazon EKS. And get hands-on with a workshop building generative AI applications fueled by Data on Amazon EKS.

  • CON309 | Data processing at massive scale on Amazon EKS (Breakout)
  • CON312 | Navigating the future of AI: Deploying generative models on Amazon EKS (Breakout)
  • CON328 | Architecture patterns for MLOps on Amazon EKS (Chalk Talk)
  • CON404 | Generative AI with data on Amazon EKS (Workshop)
  • CMP327 | Optimize data and analytics workloads on Amazon EKS (Chalk Talk)
  • CMP401 | Build a cost-efficient Apache Spark data pipeline on Amazon EKS (Workshop)

Cost optimization and cost performance

Join us to learn Amazon EKS best practices that maximize cluster efficiency and reduce waste. See how Karpenter automatically scales node groups to match real-time resource needs and lowers compute costs. Explore FinOps approaches to align Kubernetes spend with business value. Cost optimization unlocks innovation by freeing up budget for new initiatives. Meet AWS cost experts and partners who help deliver innovative ways to manage and optimize your environments.

  • CON306 | Karpenter: Amazon EKS best practices and cloud cost optimization (Workshop)
  • CON331 | Harness the power of Karpenter to scale, optimize, and upgrade Kubernetes (Breakout)
  • CON332 | FinOps adopting Kubernetes: Optimizing cost for business innovation (Chalk Talk)


At AWS, we know security is the top priority for our customers running Kubernetes workloads. We’re showcasing the tools and best practices to secure Amazon EKS deployments. Diving into workload isolation, network policies, and runtime security to protect your cluster. We cover establishing secure software factories with Amazon EKS to bake security in from the start. We also explore security controls for governance and compliance across multi-tenant Amazon EKS environments.

  • CON335 | Securing Kubernetes Workloads in Amazon EKS (Breakout)
  • CON334 | Strategies and best practices for securing containerized environments (Chalk Talk)
  • CON302 | Building a secure software factory on AWS using Amazon EKS (Workshop)

Scalability, resiliency, and connectivity

We’re obsessed with helping customers unlock new scales of performance, availability, and innovation with Amazon EKS. Learn about Amazon EKS networking, scaling, and edge deployment options. We dive deep into Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) for publishing and securing container images. Also, we discuss how the Kubernetes API can be extended to easily provision AWS services.

  • CON308 | Taking ownership of public images with Amazon ECR (Chalk Talk)
  • CON329 | Choosing edge container services for your architecture (Chalk Talk)
  • CON330 | Demystifying Amazon EKS networking (Chalk Talk)
  • CON333 | Extending the Kubernetes API to provision AWS services (Chalk Talk)
  • CON405 | Dive deep into Amazon ECR (Breakout)

If you can’t make it to join us in-person, then please join the livestream of the Keynotes & Leadership Sessions. You can register for the event and choose the virtual-only pass. Breakout Sessions will be available via AWS Events YouTube after re:Invent.

Contact your AWS Account Team if you are interested in learning more about any of these sessions or how our expertise can benefit your organization.

We look forward to seeing you in person and online! Go to the Amazon EKS webpage to learn more about how to use Kubernetes in your organization.

Roland Barcia

Roland Barcia

Roland is the WWSO SSA Director (Serverless, Containers, and Integration) at AWS. Roland has spent 25 years helping customers build and modernize systems, and leads a worldwide team focused on Kubernetes, App Modernization, Microservices, Serverless, Integration, and Platform Engineering. He is recognized for creating industry-leading architecture blueprints and is a recognized leader in the client adoption of cloud strategy. Roland is a former IBM Fellow, has written 5 books, written over 50 articles, and has a Master's Degree from NJIT.

Chris Short

Chris Short

Chris Short has been a proponent of open source solutions throughout his 20+ years in various IT disciplines, including systems, security, networks, DevOps management, and cloud native advocacy across the public and private sectors. He currently works as a Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services, and is an active Kubernetes contributor. Chris is a disabled US Air Force veteran living with his wife and son in Metro Detroit. Chris writes about Cloud Native, DevOps, and other topics at