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AWS CLI v2 development

The AWS CLI is a command line tool for interacting with AWS services and managing your AWS resources. Since the AWS CLI was released five years ago, community feedback has driven many of its features and enhancements.

Over the years, however, we couldn’t address some of the community feedback that we received in a backward-compatible way. As a result, we’re starting work on a new major version, the AWS CLI version 2 (v2).

Here are some big items we’re thinking of addressing in the AWS CLI v2:

  • Major features to improve workflows and make it even easier to manage AWS resources through the AWS CLI.
  • Updated installation methods to make the AWS CLI easier to install and more accessible for supported platforms.
  • Breaking changes to cleanup and improve command interfaces.

Although we are in the early stages of development, community feedback will play an important role.

We encourage you to engage with us about the AWS CLI v2 on GitHub by:

  • Following the tracking GitHub issue for the AWS CLI v2 to receive notifications on its development.
  • Searching for AWS CLI v2 ideas we’re considering on GitHub by using the v2 label. If you find an idea that you would like to see in v2, please “+1” the tracking GitHub issue by using GitHub reactions. If you have an idea for v2 but don’t see a tracking GitHub issue for it, please open a GitHub issue for your idea so we can discuss it further.
  • Tracking the v2 branch on GitHub. All development work towards the AWS CLI v2 will be merged into this branch. You can also try out the latest developments of the AWS CLI v2 by installing the v2 branch with pip, as follows:
    $ pip install -e git://

Let us know what you think as we begin working on the AWS CLI v2 and stay tuned for future updates.