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Generative AI
Mistral Large now on Amazon Bedrock

Tackle complex reasoning tasks with Mistral Large on Amazon Bedrock

Mistral Large is ideal for complex tasks that require substantial reasoning capabilities, or ones that are highly specialized, such as synthetic text generation or code generation. 

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Cost optimization
Cost Savings featured post image

Report: AWS delivers significant cost savings when companies move from on premises to the cloud

Snap and Formula 1 are two companies that benefited by moving to the AWS Cloud. Learn why they made the switch and how they were able to save on costs.

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Data and Analytics
Data Lakes vs Data Mesh blog featured image

Data lakes vs. data mesh: Navigating the future of organizational data strategies

Learn how a data mesh strategy can overcome some limitations of centralized data lakes by promoting a more distributed, human-centric, and context-specific approach to data management.

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