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ICYMI: Optimize your EBS volumes, networks, and overall costs

In this first ICYMI blog of 2023, we’re sharing articles from across the AWS blogosphere and AWS Cloud Financial Management, to help you start the year off right. Explore these resources to understand and start implementing important optimizations from varying perspectives. Whether you’re in a technical, financial, or business role, these optimizations can help you save costs while increasing your organization’s resilience, agility, and overall success.

Top 6 ICYMI resources

[AWS Storage Blog]

1. Cost-optimizing Amazon EBS volumes using AWS Compute Optimizer

This blog post shares how you can use AWS Compute Optimizer recommendations to cost-optimize your Amazon Elastic Block Storage (Amazon EBS) volumes: avoid over- or under-provisioning, determine the correct level of performance needed, and quantify the potential monthly cost savings.

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[AWS Networking & Content Delivery Blog]

2. AWS Network optimization tips

Whether you’re setting up a brand new network, or already running workloads in AWS, these best practices and considerations can help you design and build secure, resilient, scalable, and globally expanding networks on AWS.

🚀 Explore these network optimization tips

[AWS Enterprise Strategy Blog]

3. Managing in economic uncertainty: cost reductions

The AWS Enterprise Strategy team members have faced multiple macroeconomic headwinds and challenges in their previous roles as CXOs. In this blog, top lessons learned are shared by senior leaders who have navigated in environments where managing cost reductions was a top priority.

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[AWS Cloud Financial Management Blog]

4. AWS Cloud Financial Management (CFM) 2022 Q4 recap

Kickstart your 2023 efforts by catching up on exciting feature launches across several services in the AWS CFM portfolio.

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[AWS Customer Story]

5. How Delhivery saved 15% of cloud infrastructure cost in 50 days

Find out how Delhivery, India’s largest fully-integrated logistics service provider, used AWS Cloud Financial Management best practices and AWS Enterprise Support to develop and implement robust cost monitoring capabilities that increased its cloud infrastructure efficiency and resulted in 15% cost savings.

📜Learn from Delhivery’s cloud cost optimization story

[AWS CFM Talks]

6. Choosing the right tools to optimize AWS costs

There are a variety of ways to reduce or avoid unnecessary cloud costs and it starts by making sure each customer is taking advantage of AWS’s unique pricing models, and avoiding any overspending associated with over-provisioned or idle resources. In this AWS CFM Talks webinar, discover AWS tools and services that can make it easier for you to build and manage cost-efficient workloads, so you can optimize cloud costs savings as you scale on AWS.

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Gena Chung

Gena Chung

Gena is a Digital Campaigns Manager for AWS Billing and Cost Management services. She focuses on helping customers understand and adopt cloud financial management solutions to harness the value of the AWS cloud, and transform their business through cost transparency, control, forecasting, and optimization.