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Sneak Peek of re:Invent 2021 Cloud Financial Management Sessions & Events

Each year, we share a preview of what Cloud Financial Management (CFM) themed sessions you can look for at AWS re:Invent, so you can pre-register and reserve your seats at the sessions you find interesting. This year marks the 10th anniversary of AWS re:Invent and we’re excited to celebrate with our customers back in Las Vegas and strive to host the event in the safest way possible. Whether you choose to participate in-person or online, we hope you get the best out of the event.

We hope you can join us at one of the following sessions or swing by the CFM Kiosk! Here’s what you can expect:

Dive Deep with CFM Breakout Sessions

As you migrate and modernize your workloads (on)to AWS, you want to adapt your IT planning process to better understand the economic value of your migration and application, and accurately budget and evaluate your investment. Join our breakout session “Strategic IT planning and evaluation (ENT214)” and learn about the cycle of strategic IT planning and what AWS resources are available to help you plan, forecast, and evaluate for different types of workloads. ASG will join us to share how they adapted and modernized IT planning with AWS.

Whether you are part of your company’s Finance, Procurement, or CFM, FinOps, or CCoe (Cloud Center of Excellence) team, you’ve probably searched for ways to keep builders building, while avoiding any cost surprises. If you are looking for more information around how you can strike the balance of effective governance and control and the agility your business needs for your level of maturity, complexity and scale, join our breakout session “Cost control and governance at scale (COP203)”. We’ll walk you through how you can establish the right guardrails to monitor, govern, and automate and stay in control. Morningstar will join us and share how they evolved their internal process and organizational culture to achieve the level of financial governance they desired.

The right level of cost visibility and allocation strategy helps your organization improve the financial transparency and accountability. Thinking beyond cost reporting allows your organization to drive financial ownership and answer questions that can lead to more intelligent business decisions, e.g. the most profitable and fast-growing business areas, and cost optimization opportunities. Join our breakout session “Improving cost visibility and allocation (COP202)” and learn how you can set up the right cost visibility baseline and cost allocation models. Hear how 3M aligned their cost allocation strategies with their business goals and reinforce cost accountability.

Breakout sessions will be available for virtual replay shortly after live, in-person event. Register online for each event to reserve your seat!

Engage with Experts in CFM Chalk Talk Sessions

Your IT investment shouldn’t be treated as a pure cost center. Pivot your focus and conversation from cost only to operational and financial efficiency with “unit metrics”. Join our chalk talk “Unit metrics in practice (ENT216)” and chat about how you use unit metrics to understand demand drivers and make data-driven decisions.

Select the right approach for your cloud business cases based on your purpose and resources, e.g. data availability, time allowed. Join our chalk talk “Quantify and maximize your cloud business value (ENT213)” to learn about our recommendations and chat about what worked and didn’t work in your real-life business case experience.

“Good intentions never work, you need good mechanisms to make anything happen”, Jeff Bezos. Establishing the right mechanisms to monitor and measure costs will enable your organization to keep AWS costs in check and inline with your plan. Join our chalk talk “8 ways to control and manage AWS costs (COP204)” to exchange ideas with AWS experts and peers how you curtail spend and stay in control.
Hands-on guidance with CFM Workshops
We’ve talked to a number of customers who want to build and customize their own AWS reporting dashboards outside of native tools. Whether you’re looking to create custom dashboards to identify cost trends or drill down into custom metrics, you won’t want to miss our workshop “Build your own customizable cost reporting dashboard (COP311)”. You can learn to create cloud intelligence dashboards to address the commonly asked cost reporting, control and optimization questions.

Learn and Network with AWS CFM Peer Connect (Virtual)

The Cloud Financial Management (CFM) Peer Connect is a peer-focused interactive virtual-event, providing AWS customers an environment to have an unbiased, open exchange of ideas, and best practices relating to transforming your business with cost transparency, control, forecasting, and optimization. Learn how Cloud Financial Management relates to success in the cloud, participate in discussions with your peers, and join our discussion rooms to talk about ways to better plan, manage, organize, and optimize your AWS spend.

Meet the team at the Cloud Financial Management Kiosk

If you are joining us in person this year, be sure to meet and greet our team in the AWS Expo center. We will have a booth there and welcome any walk-in questions and suggestions.

Bowen Wang

Bowen Wang

Bowen is a Principal Product Marketing Manager for AWS Billing and Cost Management services. She focuses on enabling finance and business leaders to better understand the value of the cloud and ways to optimize their cloud financial management. In her previous career, she helped a tech start up enter the Chinese market.