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2008 AWS Start-Up Tour

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Update! San Francisco and Silicon Valley had the dates reversed. Corrected calendar listed below.

Were really excited to announce our AWS Start-Up Tour again in 2008, and this year were adding cities to include more hotbeds of innovation. The event is focused on the interests and needs of the startup community, so if you are an entrepreneur or startup leader this is an opportunity to hear about Amazon Web Services and hear about the real-world experiences of others who already innovate on the AWS platform.

The tour schedule is as follows, with more details at Click Here to RSVP, and we suggest an early RSVP to avoid disappointment caused by limited seating. By the way, there is no admission cost for the event.

  • San Francisco, CA, September 3
  • Silicon Valley, September 4
  • Los Angeles, CA, September 9
  • Salt Lake City, UT, September 10
  • Austin, TX, September 11
  • Toronto, Ontario, September 16
  • New York, NY, September 18
  • Boston/Cambridge, MA,  September 22
  • London, UK, November 4
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands, November 6
  • Seattle, November 20

Last years tour featured a number of startups, such as AideRSS, Geezeo, Renkoo, SmugMug, Slideshare, Animoto, and Ooyala just to mention a few. You can see their presentations here. Note that here is Slideshares site, which goes to prove that not only do startups innovate on AWS; they deliver compelling utility to others. These companies are the centerpiece of each event as you can see in their presentations, each company has a unique and creative idea. And every one of them taught me something about implementing Amazon Web Services in the real world.

One of the major value propositions of Amazon Web Services is the utility pricing plan. That is, you only pay for what you use, and the cost is very low. Sometimes it feels like I am just saying that: not because there is any doubt that its true; rather because its difficult to produce metrics to back up assertions that low cost utility pricing is truly a game changer.

Then it hit me Looking at the list of Start-Up Project presentations on Slideshares site, I realized that not a single one of these companies is off the air; that is, they all are still in business. In the Startup world that is nothing short of amazing especially in this economy. (Some of the decks on Slideshare’s site are not from last years startup events; however even those other companies appear to be alive and well.) Amazon cant take all the credit for this track record; however it does seem to be a solid data point that validates the value proposition.

Hope to see you at one of these events!


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