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Agile Data Warehouse Webinar – BI in the Cloud

I met with the principals on Full360 on my last trip to New York. They shared some of their success stories with me (some of them enabled by AWS) and we talked about how the cloud is changing the way that the BI (Business Intelligence) space is changing.

Full360, Jaspersoft, Vertica, RightScale, and Talend will be putting on a webinar at 8 AM ET on May 4th. The webinar will discuss the concept of the agile data warehouse — a new type of product made possible by the convergence of cloud computing and a new class of software.

During the webinar, they’ll talk about how they built a data warehouse for in just two weeks using Jaspersoft’s business intelligence software, Vertica’s ultra-fast analytic database, RightScale’s management tools, and Talend’s open source data integration, all running on AWS.

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— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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