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Amazon S3 Versioning Is Now Ready

Amazon S3‘s new Versioning feature has now graduated to production status! Once you have enabled versioning for a particular S3 bucket, you can create a new version of an object by simply uploading it. The old versions continue to exist and remain accessible.

Versioning’s MFA Delete feature has also graduated to production status. Once enabled for an S3 bucket, each version deletion request must include the six-digit code and serial number from your MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) device.

Read the S3 documentation to learn more about these important new features.

Here’s a roundup of the tools and toolkits that already support S3 Versioning and MFA Delete:

I decided to have some fun with the new versioning feature!

I found some pictures from a few years ago, sorted them into chronological order, turned on versioning for one of my S3 buckets, and uploaded each of the pictures to the same S3 object, creating a series of versions.

The first of the pictures can be seen at right (wasn’t I cute?).


Here’s a complete list of the versions for this object. Each one is linked to a particular version of the picture:

I can always get to the latest version of my picture using the URL I can also use a versioned URL to access any version that I would like.

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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