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Video Screenshot: How to set up Amazon EC2We recently posted a video that shows how to set up Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud from a Windows environment. More accurately, there is one video is in two formats: Windows Media and Flash. If you have Windows Media, that version of the encoding worked out to be both a smaller file size (faster download) and better quality.

Regardless of the version you chose, the content is the same: a few minutes of a business-level overview followed by a walk-thru that shows you how to set up Amazon EC2. It’s low-tech, and I didn’t even try to edit out some umms and ahs.

I spent Saturday afternoon sitting on my couch, playing with Amazon EC2 AMIs via a WiFi connection from a miniature notebook. Couldn’t help but think “if only this couch were really a remote tropical beach, with a satellite signal”. Not that running a business from a tropical island was on my mind…

— Mike

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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