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Amazon S3 Wins a Codie!

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Flash! Amazon Simple Storage Wins a Codie! I’m posting this from the Web 2.0 Expo, which can only be described as having incredible energy and way more people than I expected to see. However this piece of news comes from a nearby event.

The Codie Awards are the Oscars of the software business, and are voted on in two rounds: first by industry journalists, and then SIIA member companies. In 1986, the Codie Awards were established by the Software Publishers Association (SPA), now the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), so that the software industry could evaluate and honor each other’s work.

This evening’s award ceremony was held at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco, CA. This years winners were chosen from more than 1,197 nominations the most in the history of the Codies, according to their press release.

Amazon is honored to receive this recognition for a service that now boasts over 5 billion objects stored in it.


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Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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