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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Adding the Export to AWS Import/Export

I blogged about the new AWS Import/Export feature this past spring and told you how it allows you to load any amount of data into Amazon S3 by simply shipping the data to us on a compatible storage device. The response to that announcement has been excellent and our customers are now sending us terabytes […]

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Pig Latin – High Level Data Processing with Elastic MapReduce

Amazon Elastic MapReduce now includes support for the Pig Latin programming language. A product of the Apache Software Foundation, Pig Latin is a SQL-like data transformation language. You can use Pig Latin to run complex processes on large-scale compute clusters without having to spend time learning the MapReduce paradigm. Pig Latin programs are built around […]

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Nikolai Longolius and his partners founded Schnee Von Morgen in 2008, with offices in Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna. They focus on the promising market of Web TVs.Their team, consisting of TV producers, computer scientists and journalists, offers WebTV solutions for professional broadcasters. Their current project is a platform for German documentaries for the Development Company […]

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Scalr Graduates From Beta, Special Pricing Still in Effect

Sebastian Stadil wrote to let me know that Scalr has graduated from beta and is now generally available.  The 1.0 release includes a number of new features including: APIs for control of your  server farm: LaunchFarm, TerminateFarm, ListRoles, GetFarmStats, ExecuteScript, ListFarms, ListScripts, and ListApplications. Support for Elastic Load Balancing. Rotating EBS snapshots. Additional scaling algorithms […]

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Your Input Needed – 2009 AWS Survey

In years past, we have surveyed some of our customers to learn more about where they would like to see us take AWS. This year we have decided to open up the survey to all readers of this blog. I would like to invite all our customers and prospects to fill up our 2009 AWS […]

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Amazon SimpleDB Management in Eclipse

The popular AWS Toolkit for Eclipse now supports Amazon SimpleDB. Designed for version 3.5 of Eclipse and building on top of the Eclipse Data Tools Platform, the toolkit provides complete management support for SimpleDB. After opening Eclipse, you simply choose the Database Development Perspective, connect to SimpleDB using your AWS access identifiers, and view your […]

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What Should Adam Do?

Its always interesting to see what people use Amazon Web Services for. This blog post is on one hand a look at an interesting example; however it is also a chance to participate in a social experiment. Adam Ginsburg from Sydney Australia set up a form to let you vote on what he should do […]

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