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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Cloud Licensing Models That Exist Today

The topic of “Licensing in the Cloud” is probably the most interesting business-technology topic, according to me. If you are an enterprise customer looking to migrate your applications to the cloud, licensing is probably one of the first topics you would want to discuss. The Amazon Web Services team is working with many third-party ISVs […]

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Security, compliance, and governance in the cloud with AWS and Freedom OSS

Freedom OSS, one of our solutions integrators, specializes in helping enterprise customers and Federal agencies build and deploy secure, compliant applications on AWS. On Tuesday 16 November, AWS and Freedom OSS are joining forces in a half-day event in Chicago. Presenters include: Werner Vogels, Amazon Web Services CTO Max Yankelevich, Freedom OSS Chief Cloud Architect […]

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Amazon S3: Multipart Upload

Can I ask you some questions? Have you ever been forced to repeatedly try to upload a file across an unreliable network connection? In most cases there’s no easy way to pick up from where you left off and you need to restart the upload from the beginning. Are you frustrated because your company has […]

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Amazon CloudFront – Production Status and an SLA

I’ll be brief. Two quick yet important Amazon CloudFront announcements: First, we’ve removed the beta tag from CloudFront and it is now in full production. During the beta period we listened to our customers and added a number of important features including Invalidation, a default root object, HTTPS access, private content, streamed content, private streamed […]

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Amazon CloudFront Support for Custom Origins

Amazon CloudFront uses an ever-growing network of edge locations to give your users high speed, low latency access to your content, regardless of where they happen to live. Until now, CloudFront could serve up content from Amazon S3. In content-distribution lingo, S3 was the only supported origin server. You would store your web objects (web […]

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Sauce Labs – OnDemand Testing Service on EC2

Late last month I spent some time on the phone with John Dunham and Steve Hazel of Sauce Labs to learn more about their Sauce OnDemand testing service. The product is built around the popular Selenium testing tool and can actually make use of existing Selenium scripts for functionality and performance testing. John and Steve […]

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