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Introducing Karpenter – An Open-Source High-Performance Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler

Today we are announcing that Karpenter is ready for production. Karpenter is an open-source, flexible, high-performance Kubernetes cluster autoscaler built with AWS. It helps improve your application availability and cluster efficiency by rapidly launching right-sized compute resources in response to changing application load. Karpenter also provides just-in-time compute resources to meet your application’s needs and […]

EC2 Auto Scaling YAML configuration using ABS.

New – Attribute-Based Instance Type Selection for EC2 Auto Scaling and EC2 Fleet

The first AWS service I used, more than ten years ago, was Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Over time, EC2 has added a wide selection of instance types optimized to fit different use cases, with a varying combination of CPU/GPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity to give you the flexibility to choose the appropriate […]

Capacity-Optimized Spot Instance Allocation in Action at Mobileye and Skyscanner

Amazon EC2 Spot Instances were launched way back in 2009. The instances are spare EC2 compute capacity that is available at savings of up to 90% when compared to the On-Demand prices. Spot Instances can be interrupted by EC2 (with a two minute heads-up), but are otherwise the same as On-Demand instances. You can use […]

New – Provisioned Concurrency for Lambda Functions

It’s really true that time flies, especially when you don’t have to think about servers: AWS Lambda just turned 5 years old and the team is always looking for new ways to help customers build and run applications in an easier way. As more mission critical applications move to serverless, customers need more control over the performance […]

New – Predictive Scaling for EC2, Powered by Machine Learning

Update May 21, 2021 – Predictive Scaling is now available natively in EC2 Auto Scaling for easier configuration. See our documentation for more information and to get started. When I look back on the history of AWS and think about the launches that truly signify the fundamentally dynamic, on-demand nature of the cloud, two stand […]

New – Instance Protection for Auto Scaling

You can use Auto Scaling to scale a collection of EC2 instances up and down based on a set of conditions that you define. Scaling out helps you to maintain the desired level of performance as demand for processing power increases; scaling in reduces costs during quiet periods. Today we are giving you additional control […]