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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Entrepreneur’s Perspective on Amazon S3

I’ve known Scott Johnson for quite a while now. He did some really great work at Feedster, and he’s a diligent podcaster. Scott is never at a loss for words, so I asked him what he liked about Amazon S3, and how it helped him to architect and to build Ookles. Scott responded with a […]

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10,000 Sheep – Collaborative Art Project

First it was dogs, now it is sheep! For quite a while, a somewhat mysterious HIT would appear on the Amazon  Mechanical Turk HITs page, asking the worker to draw a sheep in exchange for a 2 cent payment. Now, we’ve seen some pretty unusual HITs, but this one really puzzled us. We weren’t sure […]

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AWS Technical Notes

We have started to publish technical notes on topics of interest to the AWS developer community. The first two notes cover Caching IP Addresses and Sorting by Sales Rank. There’s also an RSS feed for each collection of notes (general, ECS, and so forth).

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Online Video: My Microsoft Mix 06 Sessions

Last month I did a pair of sessions at the Mix 06 conference in Las Vegas. The videos from my sessions have been posted and you are welcome to watch them online: Artificial Artificial Intelligence: Using Amazon Mechanical Turk and .NET to Create a New Breed of Web App. In this session I covered and […]

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Backup Manager supports Amazon S3

Update (2014) – The product described in this post has been discontinued. Visit the Backup and Recovery page for updated information. In a previous post I noted that work was underway to make the popular Backup Manager tool support backing up to Amazon S3. I’m pleased to report that this work is now complete, and […]

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TicTap Contextual Ads

Early this morning I received an email from Alex Choo over at TicTap. Alex wanted me to be among the first to know about TicTap’s new Contextual Ads. The new system uses ECS to show very attractive contextually relevant ads in sidebar form.  Each ad block can display up to 50 products, supplanted by a […]

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Monday’s Link Roundup

I was on the road for much of last week, so I’ve got all kinds of interesting web services info queued up. Here we go: Tim Bray offers the label “Web Style” for what the industry generally (and somewhat innacurately) likes to call REST. As Tim notes, the important elements of this style include objects […]

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Contest Winner Video

A few weeks ago I spent a pleasant hour in Robert Scoble’s office. Robert trained his camera on me and I talked about the winners of the development contest that was sponsored jointly by Amazon and Microsoft. You can watch results on Channel 9, at Jeff Barr Amazon Web Services Contest Winners. Congratulations once again […]

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Monday Medley

It’s a beautiful spring morning here in Seattle, and I’ve got a metric ton of interesting stuff to share with you today: The Programmable Web site has been revised and now includes a number of dynamic features. The home page includes a new mashups dashboard. There’s also a mashups dashboard, an API dashboard, and the […]

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AWS Blog Updates Via Email

Looking at the readership stats for this blog, about 2/3 of the readers come to the site to read the blog, and the other 1/3 read the blog using an RSS reader of some sort. Reading via RSS is a great way to stay up to date with this blog (and with hundreds of others), […]

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