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New from Cirrhus9 and SecuCloud: Integrated DB Security and Compliance on Demand

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Mike from Cirrhus9 wrote to tell me that they’ve teamed up with SecuCloud to produce a new database security and compliance solution which just happens to be available as a DevPay AMI for use on Amazon EC2.

The solution has two components: a Security Weakness Analyzer (SWA)and Database Monitoring and Auditing (DBMA).

The Security Weakness Analyzer automatically analyzes security, configuration, and operational risks. It identifies and manages database risks, and provides automated notification of new security policies, along with detailed reporting.

The Database Monitoring and Auditing Component monitors database activity by setting guards around database objects, users, and sessions. It incorporates a powerful policy engine that can deal with a large number of multidimensional policies spread across a large number of open database connections. It supports several compliance standards including SOX .

The product works with a number of databases including Oracle 9i and 10g, Microsoft SQL Server,DB2, and Sybase. Support for MySQL and Amazon RDS is planned for the future.

Learn more here and in the C9 Blog.

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Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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